Yakuza: Like A Dragon ABDL Scene!

Hey there friends, I’m catching up on a ton of editing and I finally finished this project that I started in 2020… that’s how backlogged I am. It’s nice to have this time to edit and I feel really productive, though I am still kinda recovering & exhausted from the surgery. On Valentines Day I get my parts checked out by the doc… It’s still swollen but going down rapidly, incision is healing, hardly any pain, just so glad to be nearly done with all this. The inside of my thighs are still mad discoulred and still getting lots of naps in, moving slow, can’t lift etc. Still being careful about erections and stuff, still lots of bruising around my parts.

A Commenter helped me, someone who’s never had surgery, understand this more. They said that I had essentially survived what would be a life-threatening trauma and my body responds in kind, and that helped me understand my fatigue and malaise and all the various issues I was having with my body. Granted this is in the most controlled & safe situation and hundreds of Orchis happen everyday, so it’s not even remotely a life-threatening situation, but it’s a helpful perspective for healing. I have trouble “taking it easy” and I have been really forcing myself to, I got “Tales of Arise” and will be jamming out to that to keep me anchored.

Speaking of video juegos… but first, juegos is “games” & I would always get that confused with huevos or “eggs” so i’d say “acabo de recibir un nuevo video huevos” meaning “I just got a new video egg”

I made this neat video all about the AB DL scenes in Yakuza Like A Dragon! It’s funny, I recorded the voiceover before the first “Pause” about 2 years ago, funny to hear how my voice has changed, I think it was pretty back then but it’s prettier now 😛

This video has some fighting and guns but is mostly silly video game stuff, minor content warning.

I highly recommend the Yakuza series but it’s for more mature gamers, not emotionally or age-wise, but just there’s lots of dialogue and video game nonsense and long cutscenes etc that would turn off the less tolerant gamer. If you can handle the very JRPG aspects of the series, be sure to check it out 🙂 I will probably revisit the AB DL scene from Kiwami 2 eventually, and there’s new Yakuza games coming out all the time so hopefully we’ll see Susumu-chan again!

Thanks friends, more soooooon! And I chose to pause my Patreon for billing while I recover but lotsa new stuff coming to my paysites, including finally publishing my Red Velvet Autumn Adventure! Hugs friends, stay warm & stay diapered!!!

4 thoughts on “Yakuza: Like A Dragon ABDL Scene!

  1. Glad to see and hear that you are getting and feeling better. I did read this, so, if you need and/or want anything or any helps regarding your erections, DO feel free to give me a call, as to when you want to come by, so that I can help kiss it and make it all better

  2. Well it was an interesting view, you see I am not a gamer and really never was a cartoon or animie fan so what kept my interest was the ABDL portion. You have quite the imagination Riley 🙂

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