Ageplay, Diapers & AgeRe: Why Kink Spaces Should Remain Adult

Hi Friends! This is my newest video discussing Ageplay, Diapers & AgeRe, an offshoot of the “Age Regression” interest.

I have lots and lots to talk about since I last posted but instead of taking my morning telling you what i’m going to make, i’m just going to make it and we’ll me up when i’m done πŸ™‚

Healing is going great, still black & blue but no pain, no restrictions really, been getting out in the sun and feeling good!

Next Videos:

~ 4 Weeks Post-Op Update (will likely film today)

~ “Riley Without Her Diapers Is Like An Angel Without Her Wings” – A discussion on the “Why are there so many Transgender Diaper Girls?” topic that pops up on occasion.

~ And Diaper Reviews Again! I still haven’t forgotten about those πŸ˜› I have been in a *place* lately and needed to work out some of this social stuff, but want to move forward with the bread&butter joyful stuff of ABDL :):)

Hugs friends, my birthday is Monday, going to take a breath and start to really embrace this new body and feel good about it. Maybe i’ll run to NYC for a couple days or just eat a really big turkey avocado sandwich and sleep the clock around.

More soon friends. Thanks for listening, more soooooon!

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