“Happy Birthday Daughter”

Hey friends! it’s early early on Tuesday morning, just a little update on how i’m doing after yesterdays venting. I have a paragraph on that later, but let’s get to the fun stuff 🙂

Mainly I wanted to show you this adorable & unintentionally hilarious card from my Mom. My Mom & I have a good relationship, we haven’t always, but we do now. She’s a very dynamic woman and while we politically don’t align that doesnt’ get in the way of being friends. She’s been very supportive of my transition, alongside one of my Aunts, and it’s made the last 4 weeks that much more bearable. Funny to get a “Tithadesh” letter from your Aunt saying Mazel Tov over my orchiectomy, but we’re a funny family. She also sent me a gift package of Almonds, sending Nuts post-Orchiectomy is a bit of irony.

Speaking of cute & hilarious double entendres… this is the letter my Mom sent me, if you’re drinking something prepare for a spittake.

My Mom has a deep sense of Irony but I don’t think she realized how funny “Pampering Session” is. I always get her self-care stuff for holidays and I guess and she slipped a $100 into my birthday card that will most likely goto “Pampering” in some regard 😛

She also called me last night with some of the young ones in the family, they all sung happy birthday and it made me smile really big. If hearing a super cute 3 & 7 year old sing you happy birthday doesn’t cheer you up, then nothing will. I also talked to my Dad and helped him sync his phone to his car, even on birthdays ol’ Dads need tech support. Don’t get me wrong, my family has been very un-supportive in the past, especially my Mom, but time & positive affirmation heals (some) wounds. My family being supportive of me has helped alot, I’m very fortunate to have that.

I also got this card from my friend, it’s really pretty 🙂 They are convinced that i’m really Tinkerbell 😛 😛


2 Sad Paragraphs, down from 5 last post!

After a few of my closest friends passed away, I stopped trying to make/maintain friendships with folks. I was alone for a long time, and then started having exclusively transactional relationships with people, usually sex/attention = money being the transaction. My “friends” were either back Home or in NYC/LA, and since moving to Pennsylvania I ventured to make some real friends, and I have. I have since opened up more to people, but i’m very sensitive about rejection.

Thankfully You & I don’t need a “scene” to wear diapers and be happy little snugglers. I never needed approval from others, never needed status or “fame” or clout to feel good or be happy, I have always avoided those traps. I deleted my Twitter & feel pretty darn good about it. I gave a ton and got little back, so I’m just going to give in my own space, to people who care enough to visit 🙂

Thanks for listening friends.

Happy Stuff Again:

So I’m going to do some editing and filming today, yesterday was snowy and icky so today might be the day I go out and get my fancy birthday dinner 🙂 Yesterday I made my favorite thing, big Kober Beef Burgers with Avocado, Garlic Aioli, Blue Cheese & French Fries on top. Cooked in butter where you keep scooping the butter over the burger, so goooood 🙂 🙂

I also got a Victorias Secret card so i’m going to be looking pretty cute. I should be out of panties soon tho and back in my diapers, the Hematoma is going down and i’m healing fast, yesterday I did a ton of laundry and activity and while I was hurting at the end of the day, I was able to do it!

Thanks friends and I’m going to skip a day or two here and work on some Orchiectomy Update stuff, get my nails done & go sit under a tree for a while.

Hope everyone has a lovely day, hugs from smiley little Riley :):)

4 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday Daughter”

  1. Love You Riley.. that’s it that’s the message, a personal one but nevertheless one that state’s just how I feel about you! Seriously!! Just a side note, I wouldn’t pay to have sex with you, that would be illegal, however I would and will take you out to an awesome dinner and a movie of your choice my treat 🥰🎭 – Thomas

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