500 Days of Well Being

Hi friends! I have 4 Pictures to show you from yesterday!

I watched Tenet last night so let’s do this backwards.

Picture 1: Bed time with the special bear. I usually have Cincy at my headboard but last night I grabbed the little bear and gave them lots of snuggles. Sometimes a little girl needs to give her favorite bear lots of hugs especially after a long day of adventure 🙂

Picture 2: It was snowing and freezing rain yesterday leaving my doctors appointment, I was visiting some thrift stores & stuff around Philly & saw this nonsense. It’s what looks like a Cement Saw just sitting precariously in a tiny bin, bouncing and threatening anyone behind them. I didn’t have to change lanes, but I changed lanes… A friend called it a “Final Destination” moment, but even those movies are more creative than this. I also love that there’s no license plate or anything, I think someone stole this truck mid-job, i’m going to post this on Reddit r/Osha.

Picture 3: 500 Days Nicotine Free!!! I showed my doctor this, he was so proud. Feeling awesome about it 🙂 Today it has been 1,433 days since I quit drinking, in April 1st it will be 4 Years since i’ve touched alcohol, which is incredible to me, I can hardly believe it.

My doctor is a stoic man but he gives this very warm “that’s great” everytime I update him on my smoking or drinking. Very few people saw me during the worst times of it, and he was one person who saw just how literally close to death I was with it all. I no longer have issues with my liver/kidneys or anemia, i’m doing well and the stability of PA & things like having the same doctor for 6 years straight has been great. Up until moving here, I had never lived in the same house for more than 4 years, even as a child. I went to 7 different elementary schools, have never had any constant stability, mentally or geographically. And the latter leads to the former, has allowed me to be the person i’ve always had the potential to be.

Being older is awesome, I’m 37 & happier than i’ve ever been. Younger folks need to learn that you never grow up, there’s no switch that turns you into an adult. You just take more responsibility and care more about certain things and less about other things. And while your body may not reach the heights it once did, your spirit soars. I’m gonna cry.

Picture 4: Me looking adorable at my Doctors appointment. It was 30 Degrees and snowing when I left the appointment, still dressed for spring. Little girls like me do “Spring Dances” to try to get the bunnies and flowers come out, this is our uniform, pink and pastels and floral prints 🙂

Ok! I have a big baby thing to goto today, will fill you in tomorrow, but I have to run! Talk soon, hope you have a wonderful Saturday friends 🙂

2 thoughts on “500 Days of Well Being

  1. Good Morning, Riley.
    You are looking both beautiful and happy with that smile and happiness this morning, but I am very jealous of that bear! Anyway, both of you have some honey, to be, and become even sweeter.

  2. Hi Riley thank you so much for sharing, you look beautiful btw, but the reason why I’m sending you this message “dearest “ is because I want to have a better connection with you such an email 📧 address like what I have, it’s a trust issue I understand but I had to ask, assuming my replies are not getting to you elsewhere. Love from your online friend- Thomas.. P.s. Thank You 🙏 💐

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