Diaper Lifestyle #2 – Keep Your Rileys Diapered!

Hi friends!!! I have 2 New Videos!

First up is a little clip while I was experimenting with livestream stuff, I will be doing a commentary on these “How It’s Made” diaper videos. I want to learn how diapers are made from the ground up!

And here’s a little update on what I’m doing and where this blog is going! Still not back in diapers just yet!

I will be out of town this next week & will be getting on planes & trains and will make sure to bring along some of this new special underwear I bought, it’s crinkly and has lots of padding so if I have an accident I won’t get the hotel beds or plane seats all soggy :0

I also have a video about my 44 Day Orchiectomy ~ still healing and feeling better 🙂

I also will be Re-Uploading my “You Can’t Hurry Love” video! Youtube was not happy with that one so I’m going to edit it down a bit, I felt lots of smiles from that one!

More soon! Hugs Friends!!!

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