Diaper Lifestyle #3 – The Before Times

Remember those days in the Old Country, the Before Times?

When we would run free through the barley in just our diapers, painted in the orange of the setting sun, we would spend all days exploring the countryside & eating fresh berries & charcuterie while nesting in the embrace of a Grey Poplar as I read you the ABDL fiction of our ancestors.

As the stars came out and the night faded we would waddle home to our centuries old door, we’d change each other by candle light and drift off soundly in our thick nightime diapers, with only the sound of rustling sheep, crackling flame, & bedwetting hypnosis ASMR coming from a tiny wooden phonograph.

When we moved to the cities life became more complicated, we had no space to dance, to snoof. We could no longer see the stars and no longer feel our connections to them. When we squish and crinkle we see noses wrinkle and glares avert, it’s no longer just each others smiles we look into, we see faces of judgment, and I hear you those nights, cooing the sheep in your dreams, or your open hand trailing beside you, as if it still feels the tall grass brushing against it… though there is nothing green here.

I remember when we used to dance.

Oh i’m just being maudlin, we will dance again soon, I filmed this just a few months ago 😛

It’s been nearly 50 Days since I’ve worn diapers and i’m getting really poetic about it 😛 I have always been a city girl, I did WWOOF for a little while & love the idea of more holistic, organic living, she says in a room that looks like the room from Lain.

I have always been a bit of a nerd with a luddite streak, I am awful at messaging and still prefer phone calls, I used to be really into IT but now have to google everything 😛 But we’re getting off the point, though I do I worry sometimes that diapers won’t be plastic anymore, but I’m just going to keep riding the waves and stop worrying or if you prefer… DONT PANIC.

(CW: Medical Talk:) I’m going to be on a plane soon and I think i’ll be diapered for it, I haven’t flown without a diaper in a Decade+ and I think that will be the perfect time for my triumphant return to thick diapers. My hematoma is almost gone (probably a few weeks before it’s gone 100% but it’s small enough to not be bothered by diapers anymore) and the incision wound is healed, starting to feel ok 🙂

Thanks for reading! Going to film a little thing about Capcon & Consent & I really hope you like my new video, and thanks for letting me wax poetic a little bit, like I grew up in the old country not in a Suburban Day-Glo Concrete Dystopia. I wanna goto Ireland someday, do I know any Irish ABDLs?

More soon friends, Stay Diapered!

1 thought on “Diaper Lifestyle #3 – The Before Times

  1. Awww that was a cute, if not slightly sad story. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us.

    Im glad you’re making your triumphant return to thick crinkles for your upcoming trip. Make sure to properly protect your skin though, last time I flew in a diaper this little one ended up with diaper rash. 😫

    I do hope you bring a leprechaun costume or at least something fae if you go visit Ireland. Perhaps you’ll get whisked away for a party with Titania and the dryads, but don’t let Oberon play any pranks on you.

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