Capcon Carne Consent Conversation Carnival

This is the worst titled post i’ve ever made by some degree. It gets better from there!

This video is 4 different stories from my past about Consent. Small Content Warning about drinking & creeps.

I am going on a big adventure today! I am also taking the big step of wearing a diaper for the first time! Will be posting a big travelogue and all that! It’s bee 51 Days since my Orchi and i’m still not 100% but ready to go and feeling good!

I won’t be at Capcon but will be in the city during that time, expect lots of adorable pics and more!!! Thanks friends, hugs and hugs!

4 thoughts on “Capcon Carne Consent Conversation Carnival

    • I didn’t yell at you I calmly asked you to not leave sexually explicit comments. It’s perfectly fine to compliment my appearance it’s not okay on this site to make really sexually aggressive comments. Understand?

      • Yes ma’am. 1000 pardons. Again, you look beautiful. Please do feel free to contact me, to let me know if you are ever in the Central New Jersey area.

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