Diaper Lifestyle #8 – Built To Spill Show

Don’t be so hard on yourself
There’s plenty of flesh to go around
Besides it’s not like you are not using it
And who is who to say what flesh should do
And who should have it for that use

Hi Friends! I’m here to talk about 2 of my favorite things in the world, Diapers & Built to Spill!

Built to Spill is Doug Martsch and rotating collaborators, they’re known for big sonic soundscapes, deep lyrics and a intense love of pedals and guitar wailing.

Diapers are an absorbent undergarment girls like me wear to concerts so we can pee whenever we want!

I have been excited to see this show for months now, and a few nights ago I got all dressed up and headed out to see Built to Spill. They have been my favorite band since I was about 13, hearing their music really set off a spark in my life, it was so creative and relatable and though I grew up with great songwriters like Tom Waits & Dylan & the Beatles, this was entirely different and something of my own, not thrust upon me by parents or radio. Built to Spill has always been dear to me, guiding me through life in many ways. If you know Built to Spill, you’re cool in my book, when I was 18 and applied to Tower Records the guy practically gave me the job because I listened to Built to Spill, they are a constant joy.

Now, if you didn’t see this coming, can you guess one other thing in my life that has been a constant warm fuzzy joy that makes me feel warm and fuzzy but also can make me feel a good kind of sad and is essential to [understanding] who I am?

We find what works for us in life. I’m too realistic for religion, too cheery for nihilism, i’ve avoided being any one thing my whole life, while my friends were goth or punk or had careers & stability, I always kinda did my own thing, never attaching myself to a single ideology or label. I’m a diaper girl, i’m pansexual, those are the only real identifiers I like to put on myself. I’m not making a charachter sheet, i’m living an actual life & try to keep things as fluid as possible. I try not to close any doors, even in my own head, and I think labels force that.

“Girl/Woman” is a label I fought against for a long time, never felt like i’d fit in under it. Then I realized that I was the one who decides what that means, and that it certainly doesn’t mean being sedate and soft spoken. Most of the women in my life have been strong as hell, that’s how I define woman… and Diaper Girl fits me like a glove, so that’s how I think of myself 🙂

Built to Spill taught me to forge my own path, that it’s my Flesh & I get to decide what to do with it. I can listen to the music I want, I can create my own little universe of cuddles and diapers and smiles and safe places for sad girl times. I am not 100% back into diapers yet, but standing in the back of the concert listening to my favorite band play my favorite song while just wetting my diapers fully, feeling how a wet diaper feels on my new body… it’s heaven, and it’s here on earth. I had a dream about this once, and it came true. More on that in an upcoming post, it’s going to be a good one 🙂

Thanks for listening friends, more soon! I also have a Ko-Fi if you want a non-committal way to send some contributions to my site! I’ll end this with some of my favorite BTS songs!!! Big Hugs & Stay Diapered!!!

3 Years Ago TodayStill FlatTwin Falls IdahoSo & So & So & So From Wherever Whenever & My 2 Favorite Songs – “Car” & “Reasons”

Built To Spill Green Room

Hi friends! Here’s a little update on my diapered shenanigan’s at the Built to Spill show I went to last night, I have so much to talk about with that show, but frankly, I’m completely spent after the last very very busy 48 Hours.

So here’s a little video, and i’ll give you the full story when i’m rested up, this is the green room, next post is the show! Also go see the movie Green Room if you love Punk & Star Trek actors and hate Nazzzis!

More soon, thanks for watching friends!!!

Diaper Lifestyle #7 – A Little Troubbble!

I love this video so much, I used to make Music Videos for bands & friends in my hometown, it’s so fun to make them again, I love music videos and DIAPERS 😛 😛 😛

Me and the Little Raccoon, the one named “Troubble”, had a little dance fun, even the panda decided to join in!

Feeling good, creative, focused, have lots of good things on the horizon! I am not “Back In Diapers” yet, I wore this for the video and a little after, but I do wear diapers now when I leave the house, which is about where I was at before my surgery, I’d usually wear diapers to bed every night & then whenever I left the house, which was daily, so I was about 16/7, mostly diapered but hardly “24/7”, we all need to air out now and then 😛

Dancing is a good example of what “Diaper Lifestyle” really means. When I play my dance game to work out, I generally don’t wear diapers but sometimes it’s fun to have a diaper dance 🙂 And if I went out to club i’d probably be diapered because clubs always had those long lines 😛

I’m seeing my favorite band in the whole wide world this week, i’m going to wear cute outfit and a nice thick diaper because that’s how I want to dress, i’m a diaper girl after all! Half the fun of going out is deciding what adorable little look i’m going for. If you recall my last show in February, saw The Mountain Goats, I was looking pretty cute 😉

So if you like cute girls in cute outfits, be sure to keep checking back on StayDiapered.com! My Next Dance Video will be “Upside Down From Here” by Atom & His Package 🙂

Enjoy the pics & you’re going to looooove my next post, I promise! Life is good for little Riley’s, thanks for all the support!!!

No Spring, Only Summer.

It was like 90 today, I was out in a tiny tank top again feeling super cute, Spring cleaning while rendering After Effects projects, the plate spinning of the modern, content creating woman.

No big revelations today, just wanted to send a soggy smile. Seeing my favorite band in the world in a week, just booked my next vacation to Cape Cod (coming soooon!) & am getting closer to being 100% healed up everyday, though working in the yard & groceries etc still wear me out, any heavy lifting or extended carrying etc.

Next up is more “Diaper Lifestyle” posting and some fun slideshows! Thanks friends, here’s a few snuggly little preview pics that tie in to my next post, First 3 are of me and the following 2 are of two secret snugglers to be revealed next post ❤

Sending hugs! If you want proof I am in a good mood, I am listening to Vengaboys – “Boom, Boom, Boom”, a very summery rollerskatey song that makes this girl smile, It’s summertime, time for cute outfits and running around the house in a T-shirt and Diaper like a cute pink Donald Duck. Around the house we call it “Donald Ducking-It” & it always makes me laught.

I missed the sun, glad made it through another winter friends 🙂 More sooooon, have a fabulous Friday Night & minimally repentant Saturday Morning!!!

My Final Final Statement On Mommy/Goddess Kat Marie

Yes, We Are Here Again, One Last Time.

I made a video responding to Kat’s video “Debunking” her claims. Don’t Watch This unless you’re familiar with the Kat stuff or feel like hearing about scummy folks.

Her video is just a bunch of blurry drama & attacks at the people who made the allegations. It’s a load of one-sided script-read legalese and it’s staggeringly boring to watch. So here’s my final word on it, I have no desire to have anything to do with these people, I won’t be sending any email or making any tweets past my posting of this. There are many Green Pastures to visit this spring so I will not spend any more time dumpster diving.

This video took me a few hours to make and then a few hours to revise, I’m starting to get impressed with my editing skills and turnover rate on these videos, I tried the quality over quantity approach for a long time but that is not the algorithmic environment we live in right now, so look for shorter videos on a wider variety of subjects. I have a video coming up about Birchplaces Anti-Vaxxing, ABDLMatch’s Scamming and various other issues.

Before I get to the links let me show you who I am talking about.

Under the video posted by Kat, this Joker who Kat follows, made this extremely transphobic comment, calling me “He”, one of several they have made about me in the past.

It was liked by Babysitter Becky, a person Kat praises in her new video, who in the past claimed to be transgender because they wanted to claim I was misgendering them. Becky is also the person who posted antagonistic things under my Friend’s Memorial post, photoshopped me into a garbage can and posts AI pictures, kids etc, just a complete troll so of course Kat seems to get along well with them.

And then there’s this post under Kats post, when “AppleABDL” RTd her, liked by “BabyFollFern”, dehumanizing me calling me a thing with a worm Emoji I have never seen before that makes me very.

People already know that that Kat & the people running ABDreams have a sordid history, but this whole experience has taught me that they really have this culture of silencing victims and harassing anybody who would speak out against them. And they seem to have no plans to change that.

I have to believe that if these were decent people they wouldn’t be liking tweets like that. They would be transparent and talk about this issue instead of playing all these games. They have had every opportunity, and have dodged accountability at every turn.

I’m going to keep making my great content & thriving, thanks for watching my video and stay vigilant!!! I have seen so many bad folks come and go, I’m taking my preferred path of focusing on the good while monitoring the bad & doing my best I can for myself and my community ❤

Here’s The Post Showing My Process of Going Through The Allegations

Here’s A Pt2 Post Showing My Process but it’s mostly just Directionless Venting

Here’s The Post Documenting Retaliation and Harassment (WITH VIDEO)

And Here’s a Link To The OG Video

Thanks for Watching Friends! Crinkly Fun Coming Tomorrow! It’s 80 Degrees, Spring & Fun is Here!!!

Huggies Pull-Ups Diaper Training Pants For Girls [NEW 5t-6t Size]

Today I cover the brand-new sizes of the 5T 6T Huggies Pull-Ups Diaper Training Pants!

They fit small sized adults

They hold about a single adult wetting

The quality is what you would expect from Huggies, good quality.

Get Some REAL DIAPERS on Northshore.com – Use RILEY5OFF for $5 Off! https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=134644&u=2294782&m=18430&urllink=&afftrack=

Hope you enjoy the review! Be sure to check out my Patreon for early copies of videos! Have a great holiday and StayDiapered friends!!!

Transcaping Updates! Pullups Review Tomorrow!

Hi Friends! This little easter bunny has 2 new videos for you today!

But first, be honest with me, is Transcaping a horrible name? I don’t think it’s great off the tongue but I think it gets the idea of “Travel & Transgender” across.

This first is a smiley little update about my Orchiectomy recovery, it’s been 71 Days and i’m still sitting here with an icepack on my crotch, but it’s an ebb & flow. They also said as the hematoma goes down down the nerves wake back up, hence the additional pain. But I also have been super active lately and need to take today lying on my back, and by that I mean editing a cool new video about the 5t – 6t Pull-Ups!

Enjoy the video, feeling cute and back in the video making mood again, though this one is a little clumsy 😛

And this next video is an important one if you follow Sophie Labelle or the Assigned Male comics, it’s about facing tough issues in our community and is full of Content Warning filled conversation so be careful with this one. I am largely keeping these topics to my other Transcaping.com site, but this crosses over with ABDL topics so here we go.

Tomorrow for Bunny Day I’ll be premiering my new review of the Size 5t-6t Pullups, The Diaper Museum is back open Tomorrow!

Also my Patreon is back open, so if you want to support my site, check it out!

DiaperLifestyle #6 – The Wide World of Diapers

Hi friends! You know how many ABDLs were at Capcon? Like, 1000 ABDLs, this must be the most significant event we’ve ever had and the sound of giggles & crinkles could be heard far and wide.

I was at NELICON, which was one of the first modern ABDL conventions, it was about 30 people strong and fraught with disaster, where CAP seems to have gone off without a hitch. The good vibes emanating from the Con were strong, and while I was about 30 mins away in Downtown Chicago I could still smell the powder 😛

I’ve always wanted to do my own weekly feature, a “news of the week” show, 20 mins on the interesting happenings in the community, a guest and/or a weekly topic just to feature the good parts of the community, call it “StayDiapered Weekly” and have some fun. Will be easy to edit, fun to make and spread smiley feelings so I think it’s a *must do*, just deciding on podcast or a more A/V format. There’s so much great stuff that people are missing!

In the meantime, check out these 3 awesome things!

First, this French ABDL company “LNGU” just opened their Youtube up so you can see all their amazing videos!!!

They are basically doing exactly what I want to do with the “news” format with the same level of production quality that I strive for. And their host is like, adorable, I have a thing for French voices, beautiful loooong red hair and cute smiley diaper people, so I am thoroughly enraptured by these videos. I hope to bring this production quality stateside, though I will only be a redhead in pics, I am very much more of an Auburn IRL.

People can mudsling all they want, but we will still shine, stuff like this really makes me proud 🙂 This is what happens when this community gets some money in it!

Speaking of Money & Stateside Talent, I would pay to see this following video from another group of cool artists! ~

“The Taming of the Ewe” is an animated short that has been warming lots of ABDL hearts.

It comes as a collaboration from ABDL artists Juicebox (Patreon) & FawnyABDL (Twitter) with voices & music by Jazmine Starshine of Dear Jazzy and was a huge hit at Capcon, where it premiered last week. You’ll have to log into YT to see it, 100% worth the 6 minute watch.

It’s a sepia tribute to the Max Fleisher pre-Disney era cartoons and is every bit as charming, horny & sinister as they were. It’s a perfect recreation of the vibe, the music and character design of Lana Lynn is spot-on, it doesn’t feel like an imitation, but more like a long lost reel found in an old warehouse in Glendale. And the humour comes naturally, not from parody. I always appreciate an homage that doesn’t humiliate it’s source material, and this is Cuphead levels of respecting the source material.

with what I would consider the most familiar ABDL fantasy, at least for those who grew up with “Baby Puss” or Daddy Fantasies about Inspector Gadget. I think the whole thing can be summed up with one frame, but if you check out the Juicebox Patreon you can see how much effort really went into making something as complex and incredible as this!

Oh… and one more thing! Lollylalaz & EllaRaine started “Immature“, a super cute new clothes brand, check them out!

So that’s the ABDL update for today, lots of good vibes coming from ABDL creators. I’m really healing fast now and starting to really feel the positive effects of my surgery, life is good & will be back into diapers sooooon! Thanks friends, will be revisiting these topics again so watch this space! And STAYDIAPERED!!!

Song of the Day: All Night by Big Boi

4 Years Free: Keeps Getting Better

Hi friends! Today is 4 Years Since I Quit Drinking!

I’m not going to spend much time dwelling on it, I’m feeling good today and want to spend the morning creating new things, not wallowing in my sordid past. I just want to focus on one lesson from my recovery… which is “ASK FOR HELP”. Some dark Content Warning stuff but with a theme of liberation.

No single person will know how bad I was when I was drinking. I drank mostly in private, secretly, for every visible drink there were 3 hidden ones. I never drove, I rarely socialized, most people I saw were Sex Work clients and my drunken nature was a feature, not a defect, I was more likely to charge less and do more because of my self-hating drunken self.

I set higher standards for myself now. I hangout with people that value me, the Sex Work I do now is with decent people, not one-trick ponies or self-hating family men. I’ve tried to be a friend, a lover, an artist & spreader of positivity, but I only saw myself as a “drunk whore”. I found value in myself outside of the the deeds I can perform for older men. That Grooming, the college professor that taught me at age 13 that all I have to do is let men touch me to get whatever I want, knowing I would be too shy to ask for much… all I really wanted was my freedom.

And now I have it, and things keep getting better. I say this after my last post in which I express significant pain, but my life experience is not unlike the trans communities.

We were broken and abused and ignored, unprotected by the cops, abandoned by our families, we were on an island. Things started to get better & we started to feel good, then an uprising of antagonism paints this generation with struggle, gone from ignored to embattled. While the unpopular & unconstitutional laws are written to oppress us, the social support multiplies. People care about us now. Things are getting better by every possible metric, the cat is out of the bag. It’s funny to see people act like this is the start of trans marginalization or “genocide”, when really this is the beginning of the end.

I feel the same way about my orchiectomy, these last 65 Days have been incredibly trying for me, the darkness before the dawn. These laws, like my surgery, are the last growing pains of a journey, for myself & for my community.

Not once during these dark, down times have I thought to drink, even for a moment. I’ve been to a concert, a wedding, a funeral, all places that would have led to drinking in my past life, but no more, not even a little desire. It’s still in me, sure, but it’s buried so deep it won’t get a chance to ever see the light of day. It’s because all the other, better, parts of me have risen up I got help by having a safe environment and downgrading to a low-impact civilian job as I got soberer… I still smoke marijuana and don’t believe many people in society are truly “sober”, so I don’t call myself Sober, but I know I beat nicotine and alcohol and consider that a huge win. I can’t express how close I was to losing my life over those two little monsters, or how free I feel without them.

Here’s a smiley little video I made about how there’s not right or wrong way to be trans. More video and joy coming sooooon, going to spend the day making wonderful things and feeling good about my life and body and future. I am healing well down there and am on the mend, starting to feel like I should ❤