Hi friends! I have some exciting stuff coming up but I’ve been mostly working on video and packing for my big trip! Here’s 2 videos, one on ABDL scams and another little clip from my Built to Spill night!

BTS Video ~

3 Scams in ABDL

Lots going on with this little girl, more posts and updates soon! Life is good, expect diapers on the beach pics coming soooon! Hugs & Hugs!

2 thoughts on “Jeepers

  1. Thanks for the videos, and the updates.To bad about the “Scam” one, but that first video had me kinda going, as I just felt this strange new found urge to fix and/or do something with your hair, as it just wasn’t up to snuff, and then finding myself getting excited with that idea, and being able to kiss you, as you would be so near. Again, you ARE so very attractive to me, so DO stop by if you are in or near New Jersey.

  2. Sounds like you have an exciting trip coming up! Busy as a bee here, wish I could take a trip. Still reading each post even if I don’t always comment. ❤️🫂

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