Diaper Lifestyle #9 – Vicariously

Hi friends! Today’s post is going to be a long & intimate one, but before I get to it I want to thank my 2 friends that are featured in this post. When I visited I was made to feel welcome & warm, it had felt like forever since I played diapers with friends and I was shy, nervous & a little scared. I was broken pretty bad and you gave me what you had, you treated my wounded body gently and my sensitive little heart with the same care. So thank you for warming this little girl up my sweet friends ❤ Now on to the post!

I’m going to share with you lots of words today, but first, look at this picture. Aren’t we cute?

Ayla, Lily & Riley

“Nice! The scanner didn’t ID my crotch this time!” I thought as I waltzed through security at Newark International. It had been 50 days since my Orchiectomy surgery and I was happy to finally not have my parts show up on the little TSA display. Feeling good about my journey, I grabbed my bags & headed to the nearest restroom to put on a nice comfy diaper for my flight Via Chicago.

I really wanted to show up in my friends city and give them a big hug in a full diaper. It’s something I have thought of many times, showing up tired and soggy from a long trip, having my hand held to the nursery, to be laid back all sleepy and subby and having my diapers changed by someone I trust and care about.

It’s a fantasy we told each other after long days of work and when we felt far away from everything. We knew this moment would come, when 2 far away girls would melt together in a crib.

Lily and I have known each other longer than we’ve known ourselves, we’ve seen each other butterfly in various ways and even when I was disconnected from everything I knew she was out there rooting for me. And the same goes for so many of the folks reading this, thanks for sticking with me ❤

But I digress, she’s cool and we like the same stuff, we’ve seen each others soft bellies and hard shells and can handle both. I like her is what i’m saying, and she’s also cute and pees her pants which is something I find very attractive in a friend. I’ll talk about Ayla in a bit, she’s cool too!

Little Sidenote: I use “Friend” exclusively for all relationships, with the occasional “partner” thrown in. If I got married, they’d say “Bride and Friend”. I just don’t like labels that much, that’s why I call myself queer/pan etc, it’s the closest label to “no label” like how I’ve always considered my gender as “Riley”. Don’t box me in 😛

So back to the fantasy.

I didn’t land in Chicago in a wet diaper unfortunately. I was still healing and ended up taking it off before the flight, a defeatist moment, but sweet Lily gave me the biggest little girl hug and it was good. I like hugs from tall girls at airports, pressing my sleepy head against her pillowy chest, smelling that unique smell every girl has, feeling the ridges of a plastic waistband beneath her black t-shirt, glad that at least one of us is protected, though I felt protected being around her. She took me to her lair, introduced me to her stuffies & chilled for a bit then off to bed… though I wasn’t the one who needed a change like we always imagined.

But soon enough, the next morning it was my turn to lay back and get properly diapered, though it was a bit different than normal because I was so sensitive down there. As many of you know, I had an orchiectomy and there were complications but it’s much better now and I will be 100% healed and happy soon. But then and even know, 98 Days post-op, sex and diapers can be painful. See my Transcaping channel for my diary of the experience, basically i’m a defective Riley at the moment but my friends never made me feel that way.

I could write a thousand paragraphs on the next sentence but i’ll keep in to one. It was really nice to be treated like a human being and not a sex toy. Often when you meet with kinky folks there’s this obligation to do sexy stuff all the time, even with good friends, and it can be exhausting. [Ever since I quit drinking] I don’t have much sex that isn’t sex work sex, I broke my love & intimacy bone a long time ago and never thought it’d heal, so I tend to keep my heart in a lockbox. I was wondering if I’m just non-sexual or just severely traumatized, and spending [relatively] platonic time with friends like this helps me heal.

But with that said, I really wanted to do naughty things… and a good way to get around one’s fear of intimacy is to have an attractive girl in front of you.

It Felt Good To Touch And Be Touched

I never talk about it, but I’m in a relationship at home. Like all my relationships, it’s open and fluid and features various openings and fluids. I miss touching girls though [million better ways to write that Riley] and it felt so good to trace little lines up and down Lily’s soft skin and feel her react, to see her shy face while I changed her diapers, to place a silent hand on her thighs as we drive. It feels good, girls are good.

We went to the mall, I put her in a bouncer, we peed our pants, watched silly sword shows, just cute girl stuff! I even wore diapers for a bit! These are the Tykables Camelots and they squish really good!

Lily was gentle and thoughtful with my sensitivity, though her adorable little pug jumped on my crotch more than once. Pugs love crotches just as much as I do, solidarity. Lily straightened the little pugger out tho & they were a sweet little well behaved pup.

Speaking of well behaved Pups, we had a visiy from a friend of Lily’s and someone I’ve admired online for a long time, Ayla, who is also a very cute diaper friend. I enjoyed the time with just Lily and I, though the more diapered girls the better! (which I believe is the Colorado state motto)

Gosh do I miss cuddle piles!

Since 2020 the cuddle pile population has diminished significantly, and I want to do whatever I can to keep them from extinction! Squishing together is what good girls do and while I was still in my shareware/unlicensed version with most of the best features missing, it was still lovely and squishy fun.

Ayla, as you can see, is adorable as well, we bonded over prog rock as cute girls do. It’s always nice to meet somebody in real life and find out they are just as sweet as they are online!

We had snuggly fun, I played Tetris on her cool light-up TV and Ayla played Castlevania in mysterious ways and Lily played with both of us. Lots of games and some delicious Middle America hamburgers and met some other cool friends too, it was really nice. I used to be such a social beast and i’m starting to come out of my shell again, this was a great start. I had some further adventures in Second City after Lily & Alya headed to the convention and I headed downtown to do some of the lords work.

Wish I would have tagged along and seen all you lovely diaper people at Capcon but I have my reasons, and this little bite-size three-person diaper convention was enough joy for me.

It’s been over a month since this all went down, and while the trip wore me out it gave me a much-needed reminder that I am good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like me.

And life carries on, I had a really rough airport experience home & within 48 hours of getting back I was in the Emergency Room with my Friend at 4:00 a.m. But the joy and love I’ve felt has helped me stay positive, and now a month later me my Friend is ship-shape and we’re sitting on the beach watching the sunset & holding hands.

A good friend will take you to places you’ve never been before, show you new things about the world and yourself or just be there to hold your hand in theirs when you need it. I’m tempted to talk about all the friends I’ve lost but I think today is about the friends I’ve gained and the friends who remain. I look forward to seeing how our little Friendship Garden grows, to our next encounter when I will be able to do all the fun and kinky things to their fullest :):)

When this little girl came off the plane, cane in hand and luggage in tow, she knew she was going to be smiling about it 40 days later, and she is. So thank you Lily, Ayla, and more smiles soon!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find some snuggles in your life when you’re ready for them!

All the hugs ❤

Riley K.

2 thoughts on “Diaper Lifestyle #9 – Vicariously

  1. And again, YOU just look so remarkably attractive and happy with your friends, and I read in another post about this same sorta thing, and trip, saying that you were in and at Newark International, so am JEALOUS and heartbroken that you WERE so close to where I live, AND that you with them, instead of me! Regardless, I am glad YOU are smiling and happy.
    Take care, Riley. You are so beautiful!

  2. How sad that you keep your heart locked up. I think if you could find a good man or woman to have a romantic relationship with it would do you a lot of good. Add stability to your life.

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