Diapers in Public: Little Beach Prologue

Hi friends! I made a little video on the beach in my adorable new Swim Diapers! These are “Swimmates” diapers, they are *not* made for wetting but for other kinds of aquatic accidents!

The video review of the Swim Diapers is coming but first, I want to send some smiles from the beach and do a little introduction to my upcoming post revisiting of “Diapers in Public: A Treatise” which I wrote after my last visit to Cape Cod, I feel its good to revist this occasionally as people are constantly pushing boundaries, often for profit.

This whole exhibitionism thing has been making waves in the ABDL scene *again* and some folks are super salty at me about calling someone out for illegal and non-consensual content. Theres a subset of people who just wanna do whatever they want to whoever they want and will throw a big ol’ fit if confronted with consent and accountability.

I’ve always tried to emphasize these points, but as the community grows more creeps come around looking for non-consensual & child abuse content and we need to set the standard that there are limits to this kind of thing, what some people are doing & condoning is NOT OK.

Thanks friends, lots of exciting crinkly content soon, feels so good to be on the beach again and I’m bringing all that positive energy home with me! Feels so good to be back in diapers again!

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