Flight Stimulator (or) A Lust for Approval

Hey friends! First, I’m writing this in a very soggy trest, feels good to be able to sit around in a diaper again 🙂 I still feel a little uncomfortable pressure where my testicles used to be, but that will go away eventually. I’m on day 115 of post-op and i’m still hurting a bit, but am so close to being fully recovered, maybe a month or so left. I still get pain when getting erections and stuff, but nothing too significant. This whole experience has been so surreal…

So I’m working on a whole Cape Cod video, lots of cute moments and crinkly smiles, but I wanted to share this video first. I visited the Massachusetts Air & Space Museum and they had a great docent, we had the whole place to ourselves and I learned a ton about the first rocket and saw some cool space labs and early simulators. I had the opportunity to try this really neat simulator set-up, they had a scale replica of the plane in the video at the museum as well, it was a really neat experience.

One of the things I like so much about being little is getting some of the satisfaction and attention that I never got as a kid. I am very much a kindergarten teacher in my personality, I like to praise and thank people for things, being polite and friendly is a way to bring sunshine into the world. But as an adult most people are too shy to praise someone else or if they do, it’s in a very fakey, cordial way. I want to be patted on the head for being a good girl, be it a good mini-golf shot or making a delicious dinner or for landing a plane. Kids are desperate for approval and an authentic “good girl” keeps me on a cloud for days. As adults we seek other kinds of approval, usually money, but it’s much colder than a warm hand on your shoulder going “you’ve done a good job”.

So consider that a social “hack” to get lots of warm kisses from a diaper girl… If you wanna make a little girl feel good, pat her on the bottom and compliment something she did, be it a smart little comment or for cleaning their room or working hard on something. It makes me smile everytime!

I’m going to post a really sad story tomorrow, and then a smiley happy post right after. I have a bunch of dentistry this week then a gig at a wine thing, going to be a rough one but I’m going to survive. I’m going to wear lots of diapers in the process, feels so good to be back in them again, even though i’m about 12/3 not 24/7 😛

Sending the biggest hugs friends! Lots of exciting travel coming up, tons of posts on my StayKinky sites :):) Have a wonderfully soggy Sunday friends!!! I’m peeing literally as I write this, gosh I missed my diapers :):)

3 thoughts on “Flight Stimulator (or) A Lust for Approval

  1. Hi, Riley I been a huge fan of all of your content for a while and love that you travel quite a lot I’m glad that you’re focusing more on your websites and blog! I am sad that you no longer has your Twitter but I’ll be a frequent visitor to your blog. Have a good summer Riley

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