Swimmates Swim Diaper Review!

Hey friends! Just a quick smiley post today, sharing my new review of the Swimmates Diaper!

I like them alot! They have lots of diapery goodness, they are basically just a plain looking adult pull up but I love the way they add little ruffles to my swimsuit! I didnt’ get into the water with them but I assume they will just feel like a wet pullup 😛 Maybe I will give them another try at the water park this summer 🙂

Thanks for watching friends! Victorias Secret show coming soon, feeling good about life, just needed to get off that big vent post yesterday. Also, watch “For All Mankind” on AppleTV+, it’s a damn good show if you like space stuff. Thanks, be well & Stay Diapered! I’m about to run around all day in a nice thick diaper, like a diaper girl should 🙂

2 thoughts on “Swimmates Swim Diaper Review!

  1. I know and realize that you are indeed into the wearing of diapers and the like, butt, me on the other hand, I kinda get distracted of sorts seeing your otherwise wonderful looking body and persona wearing them in and with the swimwear like that, as it tends to bulk out that fabulous fanny, taking away and hiding the shape and crack of…you know, where I wanna kiss, taste, and “explore”. Regardless, I still think you look so disireably beautiful, what NICE legs (!) making me wish I could someday meet you. Thank you again, and do take care.

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