Ducks & Dentistrees

I’m waiting out front of my dentist right now they’re not open yet apparently and I’m about to get some really big Dental surgery and spend a bunch of money… but on the bright side I have a sweet little raccoon with me and a nice thick pink Trest diaper 🙂

After this I’m going to go get laser hair removal stuff, it was the only day they could take me… maybe all the numbing they do at the dentist will make the laser less painful? Long story short by the time I get home this afternoon I am going to be a very tired babby, dentists really upset me… it’s funny, the most popular video on my YouTube is me talking about Diapers at the Dentist, funny how long I’ve been telling the same stories, guess I don’t grow out of my diapers, they are a constant, a squishy snuggly constant 🙂

Oh and there were two ducks outside the dentist so it seems like the duckies are looking out for me which is good. Duckies are good friends!

Pardon the random pictures, I can’t really see what they look like on my phone, hope my diapers arent showing :p ~ just wanted to send a good morning smile, have a lovely weekend friends!!!

9 thoughts on “Ducks & Dentistrees

  1. You have my sympathy regarding the dentist. I just had to have a crown done a couple of weeks ago. No fun no matter how painless it is. I hope everything goes well for you.

  2. Fingers crossed regarding the dentist! I always get anxious at the dentist, but hopefully it’s nothing too major!

  3. Hi, I am glad to hear that your going to the dentist taking care of your teeth is quite important you have inspired me to be myself and helped with posts about age regression your topics you do have helped other accept me more I thank you for that. I you look really good now and you are an amazing women.

  4. Hope it goes well for you. Ducks seem to like people, I’ve enjoyed spotting them around using the iNaturalist app.

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