Attends Premiere Review!

New video! I’m starting out with these new editing tools and kind of relearning everything again, so this video doesn’t have the flare I’d like it to it’s basically just 12 minutes of me talking… look forward to more engaging videos with more bells and whistles I just wanted to get something out in the meantime šŸ™‚ Storytime video coming up next and then a bunch of stuff about Northshore diapers šŸ™‚

Hope you like it, more stuff soon!


The biggest problem I had today involved leafblowers messing up a video shoot. On reflection I had to just sit back for a minute and realize how fortunate I am and how many people are going through really difficult times right now. I can’t do much for those people but I just hope my little videos bring some sort of smile.

Today’s post is just a couple cute little pics, tomorrow will be a storytime or review depending on which one I can edit first šŸ™‚ I’ll be talking about the attends premiere, featured in all but one of the pics below (the bear is wearing Huggies!)

Hope everyone can find a little smile today and more fun stuff soon ā¤ Thanks for reading ā¤

Crinkle Bunny!

Big day tomorrow, gonna rest up with my bunny and crinkles, hope everyone is good… I’m watching a little duck make a little nest in front of my house, life is chugging along like normal around here, duckies are oblivious to the world around them, they just go about their ducky days šŸ™‚

Big hugs everyone, super short post tonight, just wanted to send some ducky and bunny love ā¤

2 Exciting Stories!

Today I have two stories to share! One from Robin Hood (one of my favorite Disney movies and songs) and one from 101 Dalmatians! I’ve got my bunny sleeper and my snuggle bear and hope you’ll join me for a story šŸ™‚

Lots more stuff coming soon, made a fun new video today on my StayKinky site and have been really digging this editing software. Things are safe here, hope you are too! Hugs and positive thoughts!

Disney Panda!

A while back my little Panda hadn’t been around for a few days, I was looking all over for them and for my old mobile…

Well, after looking and looking I found Panda on the front porch with my phone, Panda was trying to sneak in but got caught in the act. After looking through the pics, I realized the little Panda snuck off to Disney! They must have packed a little Panda bag and went out to see all their cartoon friends. When I first adopted the Panda I was on my way to Disneyworld and wanted a new stuffy friend to snuggle at night. They were always pouty (nothing like a Pouty Panda!) that they couldn’t go in the park, but I told them they had a no-panda-policy. Well, it seems they went to find out for themselves, and though Panda isn’t showing it, they had lots of fun!

I can’t stay mad at the Panda, we all wander sometimes ā¤ I just wish they wouldn’t have worried their mommy so much! It’s good to have the Panda back, they’re gonna just snuggle up and get over the jetlag šŸ˜›

Hope everyone’s doing good, me and this little tuckered out Panda are going to stay in from the rain and stormy weather, just work on fun videos to share with all the Mamas and Pandas and Bears and Daddies and Littles and Big Baby Pandas and Little Mama Bears and everyone out there šŸ™‚ Big hugs! More silly stuff soon!

Something Old, Something New

First off, if you haven’t seen my “History of Goodnites” video, check it out!!!

Second, I have a new computer, my old one was really limiting my performance and having tons of issues, so I bit the bullet and upgraded. I also have moved to Adobe Creative Cloud for my editing software, so I’m taking some babysteps in learning how that all works and starting from the beginning, really diving into these new tools after having only older versions for so long. I have been taking lots of half-measures with my editing, and I really want to step my game up and make the best videos possible. I have the lights, the computer, will eventually upgrade to a 4k camera, setting up some game streaming stuff for more live fun, exciting interactions up ahead!

So allow me a little time to get comfortable with all this new stuff, setting up my new PC and getting acquainted with my new software, and you’ll be seeing much more from me soon! Thanks so much, and here’s a couple cute babydiaper outtakes from that video šŸ™‚

More stuff very soon! Thanks for everything, hope everyone is well!

The History of Goodnites

New video! Talking all about The History of Goodnites šŸ™‚

This will be the last project I do on Premiere Pro, I’m going to begin using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, so expect my videos to get a lot cooler and more frequent. I’ve been investing in some really great things to make this blog in my videos as great as possible! Hope you like the video and more stuff soon!