New Phloam

Hey Hey! I’ve stepped my selfie game up! I recently got a fancy new phone (Galaxy Note 10) and I’m super excited about the jump in quality my pics will have. It’s still madness to me that some of the best consumer level cameras come attached to phones. I’d love to get a nice DSLR and speedlight flash, all I have now are cheapo Limostudio lights for video, but it’s good for now. Actually, I’ll let you be the judge of that with the little expiremental set of photos I took with the new camera, hope you like them! Just me in my goodnites 🙂

Had a super busy bear day of house repairs and stuff, ordered a bunch of good diaper creams and other preventative messures, i’ll be talking about preventing diaper rash etc as I get back into the routine of constant wear. Was just in my pull-ups today, but back in thick diapers for bed 🙂

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The last few years

Long post ahead, I’d like to explain what’s been going on with me so we can move on to the fun stuff. Here’s what’s going on in my life, the good and the bad.

1.) I live in Pennsylvania! I have been living here for a little over 3 years. I live with a dear friend who is as kind and supportive of a partner as a little girl can have. I am not looking to date anyone or for a serious romantic relationship, moreso because I’m just not ready or looking for that sort of thing. I am open to new friends and playmates, but am taking everything very slowly. I need some time to work on myself before I bring others into this mess.

2.) I’m not currently medically transitioning (hormones etc.). Still living and loving as myself, she/her pronouns and dresses and everything. I plan to start again when it is the right time to start again. I know I’m being vague here, but it’s a personal issue that I’m sensitive about talking about for now, I haven’t found the words yet.

3.) I spent a good portion of these last few years working a normal job and being a depressed alcoholic. I kinda lost my motivation in life after a few people close to me passed away among other life events, though that’s a drastic oversimplification, depression is something that I always have and always will be challenged by. In the last 6 months I’ve pulled myself together into a functioning human being again, especially with the aid of not drinking anymore. My 6 month landmark was just yesterday actually.

4.) The bears are as cute and snuggly as ever. There’s also a new panda and ostrich and a couple stuffies added to the mix.

5.) After a long hiatus, I’ve gotten back into wearing diapers everyday. I didn’t ever stop wearing or purge my stuff, I just rarely was in the mood. I’ve been wearing to bed everynight, which is a start on the path to becoming 24/7 again. I’ve missed being a diaper girl, missed the constant comfort of my diapers.

6.) I’m clear with my cancer worries and have regular colon checks, and no, not the fun kind of “colon checks”.

7.) I have a fairly big piece of media coming out later this month. It’s been 13 years so far for this blog, I want to keep being a friendly internet diaper girl until my days are done. It’ll take some work to get the trust of a community back, as I have disappeared for a little while in the past.

8.) Sobriety is relative and don’t call myself “sober”, I just don’t mess around with alcohol anymore. I don’t look down on anyone for drinking and can be around alcohol just fine without imbibing, though I’ve always preferred the company of stoners to drinkers 🙂 There was no drastic emergency or diagnosis or born-again moment, it was just time for me to stop. I fully believe if I hadn’t quit when I did, I wouldn’t have made it to now. Glad to be alive and to know what I escaped as to not go back.

9.) Now that it’s been 6 months, I’m putting talk of my sordid past on the shelf for now. I don’t want to lose sight of my mistakes, but I’d rather not dwell on them. So many exciting things happening now, best to focus on the present and look towards the future.

10.) And finally, most importantly, I need to express how much the support of fthe community has helped me. We’ve been on a long road together (and meeting cool new people all the time!) and I’m eternally grateful for all the messages of support, encouragement and compassion. I couldn’t wish for a better group of people looking out for me. Thank you with all my heart ❤

So that’s what’s up! Thanks for reading, I’ll finish this post with my most recent photo, taken this morning, took a break to snuggle the bear while writing this post. You have before you a very healthy happy diaper girl 🙂 Hugs and love, more stuff tomorrow!

The Last Catch-Up

Hey there friends! If you haven’t been keeping an eye on my Twitter I’ve been posting tons of cute pics! I have been neglecting this site because I’ve been catching up with older pics, so I’ve decided to expedite filling in the gaps so I can start posting all the wonderful stuff I have going on at this very moment.

So here’s a bunch of cute pics from last year that I haven’t posted yet. I still have some older adventures to share like my Disneyland trip earlier this year but my next post (coming out tomorrow) will be about what’s happening with me right now, and it’s all good stuff!

Hope you like the pics, I am not sure of the context of any of these but that hardly matters when it’s just fun, cute crinkly times 🙂 I’m such a little wetter! More stuff very soon! Hugs and love!

White (Preface)

This is a little rant about some of the persistent people that have contacted me over the years with negative, uncomfortable and/or pedophilic comments, and how it can erode my desire to make content because I know these people are enjoying it as well. Reader discretion advised.

There has been someone who has commented with something involving a meticulously described white dress and an underage girl and all these strange religious allusions, I’ve been blocking and deleting them and reporting them but they still find a way to post. It get’s tiring, frustrating, and makes you not want to be a part of anything to do with the ABDL world.

I’ve had serious, real-life, police-involved issues with people not understanding privacy, limits, safety or with people who disagree with my message/existence in general. But frankly, the TERFs or trolls are one thing, the invasive ABDLs are another. I’m a target, especially how long I’ve been posting, adding the fact that I’m divisive (read: trans) to some, I tend to receive more than my share of nonsense. I’ve gotten quite good at protecting myself and more comfortable with the block button, but it feels like the nonsense is at it’s peak and only getting worse with people more virulent and outspoken.

I just feel AB/DL and any minority really just needs to contemplate ways to not let them win, not let them drag us down. I beleive there are ways, but much of it comes internally, to overcome the inevitabile slings and arrows. It’s so painful to share your heart and have it derided, misunderstood or attacked. For me, it was tough to start sharing it, and has been tougher to open up after each consecutive blow, though I have been better at dodging them. 

Basically, my little white dress in these posts made me feel bad for a second but I snapped out of it, telling myself “Don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad about your healthy hobbies”, even if the most uncomfortable stuff comes from within the fandom. Believe me, I have seen and heard the absolute depths and it’s messed with my head, fearing that their dark fantasies are a reflection on me, that i’m really this bad person inside too because i’m enabling them. But I must remind myself, I’m me, they are them, and the twain shall never meet.  

With that said, crinkly comments, kinky ideas and constructive criticism are always welcome, just remember you’re talking to another human being 🙂 A friendly human being, but one with limits.

Anything to do with minors (under 18) is never welcome, I will report your ass.

——Rant over ~ I feel better——–

Look forward to the next post, which is up now!


(I started writing this post years ago but never finished it ~ was living in Buffalo, was thoroughly unhappy in life and needed to do something. This Disney trip was the beginning of a very positive change in my life)

Hey there friends! I have a little story to tell you, it’s about a babygirl visiting DisneyWorld! I went in December 2015 during the coldest part of the season in Buffalo, It was lovely to get away to the warmth of good friends and theme park adventures.

I left on very very rainy day, took the greyhound for the first step of the trip. I made plans to spend a day or two before the trip with friends before flying out to Florida. It was a largely uneventful few days but very relaxing.

I ate my little butt off (or on?) at Golden Corral, bought a new purse and some new tights for travels, and got already to go! We took a car to the airport and I made sure to have my nappies on 🙂

Couple flights later I was on my way to Florida. Drove across Orlando to the entrance to the DisneyWorld complex, look at it from a satellite sometime, there’s miles and miles of nothing but Disney, hotels, parks, malls, all of it with Disney branding. Around DinseyLand in Southern California you can get away from the Disney stuff pretty easy but DisneyWorld is exactly that, an entire immersive world of nothing but Disney. I was bouncing and crinkling up in down in the car when I came across the sign, I’m pretty sure every little wets their pants when they realize they’re at Disney.

We made it to our home for the next week (we stayed at the “Movies” version of the All-Star Hotels) and then headed out to The Magic Kingdom. I was already missing my little teddy bears back home, but as soon as I got to the park my eyes lit up and I couldn’t think of anything but magic and cartoons.

I spent the next week visiting the parks and snapped a ton of fun pictures!

Went all over the Kennedy space center ~ saw the Atlantis space shuttle. If you visit make sure to see the whole show, it’s amazing, especially the “reveal” of the space shuttle. There’s a video someone made of the pre-show on YT here.

Because I’m not a big fan of Rollercoasters and I am a big fan of culture and travel, Epcot is where I had the most fun. Took some pics of the Japanese displays, showing off lots of cute/kawaii outfits and little stuff 🙂 I went to get hotel breakfast one morning and saw that a tour group has prepared breakfast… white bread, donut and fruit cocktail. Probably my favorite part of traveling is the random weird stuff.

Met some stormtroopers and played some guitar hero, saw the worlds biggest gingerbread house and tried to avoid the worlds biggest crowds. My favorite scary ride was probably the Test Track at Epcot, I do love the little rides like Peter Pan though 🙂

It was a lovely adventure, seems so long ago. I don’t remember many of the details, I do remember all the fun. It’s been fun looking through these old pictures, next post look forward to some new ones ❤

Thanks for reading, more stuff sooooon 😛

Clever Crinklers needed for help with Diaper Reviews!

Hey there crinkly friends! There’s a whole new world of diapers out since I last did a review, and I need your help working out my review system.

I’ve worked it down to 5 different aspects to individually cover and then come to a final 5 star score. I want my videos to tell you everything you need to know about a diaper, so the ratings etc. are more to highlight or point out failings of products. I’d like less to talk about my personal opinion, but rather to provide some info and let you decide. But first, I’d love some feedback on this ranking as I begin the effort to REVIEW EVERY DIAPER EVER!

You can see a rough draft of this format in my older review of Goodnites Tru-Fit ( ) including a look at what the scoring system could look like. ( )

Here’s what I’m thinking for the criteria ~

Absorbency – A technical analysis of how much it holds and how well it wicks to prevent leaks. Get out that blue liquid for a visual example and share the specs for how many oz/ml it holds. Depend Sillouttes would score low, where Wellness Briefs would score high.

Quality – The durability and craftsmanship of the materials. Do the tapes pop off? Is the inside scratchy? Does the back rip when you bend over? How are the leg gathers and the packaging? Low scores for diapers that fall apart, high scores for sturdy tapes and things like Aloe or landing strips. Depends score low, those UK Tena Slip Maxis score high.

Wearability (or “Comfort”, thoughts?) – How well something wears in diverse situations, under clothes, hot weather, durability, how it holds up while walking, breath ability, even things like PH balancing/smell issues. This is a tricky one and why I don’t intend for the final score to be cumulative, as some diapers aren’t intended to be worn outside and that shouldn’t count against them. This is a way to let people know how versatile a diaper is and compliment things like cloth covers, thin profiles, extra strong tapes or belt designs, how easy it is to change in public etc. It feels a little redundant with Quality, but I think it’s worthy of its own category, as that information is oft requested. Northshore Air Supreme would get high marks, something like the DC Amors would score low.

Value – This is where we talk about price in relation to the other categories asking “is it worth it?”. ATN’s would score high, where the super-expensive diapers can be judged by unique selling points such as baby-scent or special designs or extreme absorbency. Some of those 4$ a piece diapers can be worth it, if they are durable and hold a ton or target a specific audience.

AB/DL Appeal – How well they fit into the myriad of interests in the AB/DL world. Focus on designs, cuteness and color, how loud they are, how much they swell, basically how many boxes does it tick off of the “perfect ABDL diaper” fantasy list. Huge points for fancy ABDL diapers.

I hope to spend around a minute on each category, setting videos at a comfortable7-8 minutes with intro/outro and a final score. Again, the final score is pretty subjective and independent of the other score, I kinda question even having one, but It’ll likely be an efficient way to just summarize my points.  I also plan on shooting separate 60-Second reviews for people who need to know what diaper to wear ASAP, so the final score could be valuable there.

Let me know what you think! Is this too verbose/complicated? Is there something I’ve completely forgotten about, or something specific you’re always curious about with new diapers? I want to build a visual diaper archive and hope it could be a valuable resource for both ABDL and others for picking out the right product, so let’s brainstorm! I’d like to be confident in the format before I venture forward with the stacks and stacks of crinkles I have ready to review.

I plan to get feedback from the community about individual products as well, as there may be a common issue that I may miss in my review, or to learn about how they hold up in sizes I don’t wear. I also understand subtitles on videos are important, any other accessibility options that you can think of?

Thanks for reading, feel free to be critical and brutally honest, I really appreciate the help ❤