Some Thoughts on Dealing

Just wanted to share a few words from my heart about my personal experiences with Anxiety and Depression. I’d like to share my thoughts more clearly as time goes on, but for now, here’s a little audio about how I deal.

I have much more to say, and while I’d love to find the perfect words they’re not coming to me right now… I just wanted to put out something positive and hopefully bring a little comfort to my fellow crinklers ❤

Anyway… more positive, cute, maybe even sexy pics coming soon… I’ve been in diapers every night and waking feeling healthy and creative… Have lots of fun pics and vids to share with you! More stuff sooooooon, thanks for listening ❤

Sleep of the Ancients

I slept all day today. Sometimes you just need to do that, I cammed this morning for this promotion (which turned out to be BS, like so many Cam Company promos) and spent a good deal of the morning dealing with a missing check etc… just one of those days. I started to see myself get stressed in a bad way, that jittery, frustrated feeling when nothing is going right… so I put my head down and took a 3 hour long nap. I’m trying my best to stay as well fed and well rested as possible, and I would encourage others to do the “forced nap” when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I feel better now 🙂

Anyway, we’ll skip the storytime today, hope that’s ok. Just a couple pics of my crinkly butt 😛 I didn’t wear to bed last night because I knew I’d be getting up and active early, but i’ll be sure to get all snuggly and properly padded tonight 🙂

1st pic is bear reading, then a couple of wet/padded me in the Attends Premiere diapers, then a little bear, playing games, reading and learning how to edit from Mommy… and then a final one of me being all sexy and stuff 😛

A squirrel just jumped on my roof and scared the life out of me while uploading these pics… maybe i’m still a little jittery. Hugs everyone, safety and love ❤ StayDiapered!

365 Storytime – Day 1 (3 Exciting Stories!)

Hi there friends! I wanted to do something positive and smiley, so I’ve dived into my 365 Disney Bedtime Stories and will be sharing them over the next few weeks 🙂

The stories will be labeled “Exciting” and “Bedtime” based on the content/intensity 🙂 Be sure to like and subscribe on Youtube to get updates! I’ll be doing lots of these, so i’m open to constructive criticism… I’ve considered recording some audio-only, let me know if that’d be of interest ~ Thanks for watching, more stories soon!


I’m working on some cute new stuff, have had a long day preparing to bunker down for a bit, will be sharing lots of smiles and warm fuzzies to fellow housedwellers soon, and also to the wonderful people out keeping the lights on and helping with access.

Here’s some cute older pics, think snuggly crinkly thoughts and I’ll have something smiley here for you soon. Stay strong friends ❤

Setting up

Hey there friends! Hope everyone is healthy and safe, I have some super cute pics to share!

These were taken one snuggly afternoon in LA, just playing in my Goodnites. I have been going through my loooong life of pics and taking another look at them, they’ll be eventually posted and made into slideshow videos and stuff, others will find themselves as captions or elsewhere.

I made a slideshow! The pics get a little kinky 🙂 KinkyPics – Pullups + Clear PlasticPants

I’m working my little butt off over here with a new video and doing some diaper organizing, feeling good and staying positive. Hope you like the pics and more snuggly stuff soooon!