My Final Final Statement On Mommy/Goddess Kat Marie

Yes, We Are Here Again, One Last Time.

I made a video responding to Kat’s video “Debunking” her claims. Don’t Watch This unless you’re familiar with the Kat stuff or feel like hearing about scummy folks.

Her video is just a bunch of blurry drama & attacks at the people who made the allegations. It’s a load of one-sided script-read legalese and it’s staggeringly boring to watch. So here’s my final word on it, I have no desire to have anything to do with these people, I won’t be sending any email or making any tweets past my posting of this. There are many Green Pastures to visit this spring so I will not spend any more time dumpster diving.

This video took me a few hours to make and then a few hours to revise, I’m starting to get impressed with my editing skills and turnover rate on these videos, I tried the quality over quantity approach for a long time but that is not the algorithmic environment we live in right now, so look for shorter videos on a wider variety of subjects. I have a video coming up about Birchplaces Anti-Vaxxing, ABDLMatch’s Scamming and various other issues.

Before I get to the links let me show you who I am talking about.

Under the video posted by Kat, this Joker who Kat follows, made this extremely transphobic comment, calling me “He”, one of several they have made about me in the past.

It was liked by Babysitter Becky, a person Kat praises in her new video, who in the past claimed to be transgender because they wanted to claim I was misgendering them. Becky is also the person who posted antagonistic things under my Friend’s Memorial post, photoshopped me into a garbage can and posts AI pictures, kids etc, just a complete troll so of course Kat seems to get along well with them.

And then there’s this post under Kats post, when “AppleABDL” RTd her, liked by “BabyFollFern”, dehumanizing me calling me a thing with a worm Emoji I have never seen before that makes me very.

People already know that that Kat & the people running ABDreams have a sordid history, but this whole experience has taught me that they really have this culture of silencing victims and harassing anybody who would speak out against them. And they seem to have no plans to change that.

I have to believe that if these were decent people they wouldn’t be liking tweets like that. They would be transparent and talk about this issue instead of playing all these games. They have had every opportunity, and have dodged accountability at every turn.

I’m going to keep making my great content & thriving, thanks for watching my video and stay vigilant!!! I have seen so many bad folks come and go, I’m taking my preferred path of focusing on the good while monitoring the bad & doing my best I can for myself and my community ❤

Here’s The Post Showing My Process of Going Through The Allegations

Here’s A Pt2 Post Showing My Process but it’s mostly just Directionless Venting

Here’s The Post Documenting Retaliation and Harassment (WITH VIDEO)

And Here’s a Link To The OG Video

Thanks for Watching Friends! Crinkly Fun Coming Tomorrow! It’s 80 Degrees, Spring & Fun is Here!!!

Weak Off, Most Highest Video, Thin Paint

Hey friends! Taking a little break from “Virginia is For Diaper Lovers” to take on a little more serious subject, will be sharing some new Virginia Pics Tomorrow! I’ve been posting this video everywhere, it’s likely the most challenging and highest gravity video I’ve ever done.

All the Content Warnings, this video details the allegations against “Chloe Corrupt”, an active Producer and Performer in the Trans Adult Scene, and how alleged abusers dodge, obfuscate and insulate against sexual assault allegations. Please be respectful of everyone’s privacy and keep things above the belt. There is no call to action in this video, just a warning about the future of our industry and young trans people if accountability is not valued.

I unfortunately had to dive into Social Media again, outside of really missing my friends there, nobody is going to see unless I share it and share it wide. The reaction has been lukewarm, a few people have really praised it but many people in the industry have remained silent. I am never surprised by the apathy and self-centeredness of the bougie white woman, trans or not. People love to snipe at politicians and people that will never see or think of them, but won’t take on challenges in our own house. It’s easy to #hashtag, it’s a real labor of love, or at the very least, angst, to make a video like this.

do our best

I am not foolish enough to expect the world to reward me for doing the right thing, at least in my lifetime. We’re starting frescos, big as the sky, and while we will never seem them complete in our lives, we start them regardless. If I wanted to get a million likes I would have hidden these things about myself, hidden my gender, my kinks, my observation of wrong-doing, my SELF. Diluting the paint to make a more calming, palatable color.

But I know that there’s people like me out there, we may be few and far between but we are and will continue to be. . We are the bright shocks of color in this world, not the eggshells or aubergines, but the neons and dayglos. Some will try to extinguish this little light of ours, so we must burn bright, hot to the touch, as a hearth to some and a warning to others. We gotta stick together and look out for our own, act not as candles but a conflagration. Warm the hearts of this cold earth, with light comes color and creation.

Be safe friends. StayDiapered, StayKiny, and in the words of Conway the Machine: “Don’t tell my people to stay safe, tell ’em to stay dangerous”

New Video – “Is AB/DL a Fetish?”

Hey there! I have a new video out, “Is AB/DL a Fetish?”

I know the keying/greenscreen isn’t perfect and this is like the 3rd version I made of this, others were too rambling or unfocused, this time I tried to sum everything up as concisely as possible. It’s still a bit longer than I’d like, but as I mentioned about my last video, I do plan on expanding on this stuff as time goes on as far as making completely [Revised] editions. I just have some attention coming to my channel very soon and wanted to have some learning tools prepared for when people ask common questions.

I made this to also spark conversations among ourselves and the community. I see this a particular way and try not to impose that on others, but also set some practical guidelines about expressing yourself in public. I imagine this would cause the most backlash as some people are more open about this than others. The standards set here are focused on respect for others, which everyone can agree is important.

So basically, I wanted to frame this in familiar language and the mainstream understanding of kink, using my own experience to help make it relatable, and dispell misconceptions about the more misunderstood elements.

Thanks for watching and feel free to share some ideas on what I could do better or what you’d make more clear, it really helps as I continue to define, rethink and make learning tools for this. Let’s talk!

More stuff soon, thanks for joining me on this journey 🙂

What is ABDL?An Introduction to Littles and Diapered Folks!

Would love to hear feedback and constructive criticism!  My channel is about to have a good amount of attention towards it due to a media appearance, so I wanted something up that was fairly neutral and could help they layman understand what ABDL is all about, mostly wanting to confront misconceptions.

Let me know what you think, thanks for watching!

New Video!!!

It’s been far too long hasn’t it! I have a new video up today, just a little channel intro for my Youtube. I have things set-up to work on my “ABDL Defined” video today, should be up in the next day or two. Hope you like the video!


I showed you one of my favorite videos, now for my favorite. Some emotional stuff ahead.

When I filmed this I was ostensibly homeless, house-sitting and sleeping on couches in SF. I was unfairly fired from my job (eventually won the Unemployment hearings, but life was rough for a while) and I was figuring out where to go and what to do as a young transgirl with dreams. Life was rough to me then, 2010, I was already an experienced sex worker and hustler in Sacramento. Things started to fall apart, I lost my beloved coffee shop job and a close friend died, issues with stalkers, vice, local thugs, basically too much heat in Sacramento so I set off to San Francisco. I had friends and contacts there as well as a stripping gig, though I didn’t have anything solid. SF is a good place to go if you’re living on the edge, but there’s also a culture around exploiting people like that, especially young, cute ones.

Life was continuing to harden me, adventure and drama was routine and exhausting. I dreamed to escape to a world of pastel and snuggles.

This is my dream.

I suppose life has never been that low, and I’m closer to my dream than I am to those old bus mall days. I took a bunch of cute pictures today, just to test out taking serious photos after a while. Made me feel optimistic about making new content for the site, making more videos for fun and for sale. Exciting stuff 🙂

Hope you like the video, it means a lot to me. ❤

Changing Times Diaper Company

Hey there! Today we’ll be talking about Changing Times Diaper Company, a small ABDL store near the Las Vegas strip. Also, this is my first video in a long time, even though it was filmed in 2017. I’ll post some soon, just taking it slow for now 🙂

It’s an real storefront where you can walk in and shop, I find it really freeing to actually see what you’re buying. We’re all very used to buying stuff online and for a while Conventions were the only way to really experience an ABDL “store”. And it can be a really neat experience to see all these ABDL products all together, it has an interesting effect of both normalizing the experience but also sounding like something out of a fantasy story. What it doesn’t have the vibe of is a sex store and I would be very mindful that it’s not a place for exposing oneselves or doing anything kinky. It’s a fairly discreet storefront in a boring little strip mall, which is frankly the best place for it to be.


Plastic pants and cloth diapers and a tons of brands, from medical standards to cartoon covered designer diapers. They do sell a few onesies if I recall (you can see their full stock at on their website) but not much in regards to outer clothing, though I imagine that can get complicated quickly. Overall, I was very impressed with their stock and I imagine you could find everything you need there for a fun weekend.

I found the store owners to be friendly and talkative and very aware of the needs of the ABDL community, I won’t assume but I imagine the store is a passion product for the owners. I think its great, and especially being in Vegas where many people go to get away, its quite handy to not get a bag delivered to the hotel or god forbid wear Depends or generics. Oh, I’m not that snooty, I wear CVS generics now and then 😛


This was our haul of crinkles and plastic pants, you can match the brands to the pictures from the last post. I didn’t get any plastic pants though, I have more than a few pairs and don’t really wear them very often, usually only if i’m feeling extra playful. It was a fun trip and i’m sure i’ll be back again soon, check out Changing Times Diaper Company online and if you’ve visited or ordered let me know what you think.

I started this post this morning and am finishing it now after a busy day… this has been a pretty tough weekend, guys hitting on me at work, bad sleep, one of those times where a bunch of things out of your control seem to wear on you and you just have to power through. Long day tomorrow but then I have a few days to relax, write and snuggle the Bears! Thanks for reading and give your stuffies some love for me 🙂