Peetown pt. 6 – Just a Bunch of Pics

Hey there friends! Busy holiday girl, got my booster and feeling fine, crazy storms here, lots of filming and editing and fun stuff! Been a little gamer girl too, got the new “Pocket Monsters: Fancy Stone” and finished the heartbreaking but incredible PS4 Game “There Sure Aren’t Many of Us Around: Part 2”. I really, really think game streaming will be a super fun thing and I have been overthinking it too long! I have done it a number of times but haven’t really advertised and need to just make it a consistent thing, sounds like a nice way to hangout with other snuggly folks!

So i’ve been working on that among all the other projects I have going on πŸ™‚ Things are good and exciting here, feeling happy and healthy and excited to make more stuff! Not enough hours in the day πŸ™‚

I’ve really lost the thread on these “Peetown” posts, they were supposed to be mostly about Provincetown and I haven’t even posted all the super duper cute video I made there like, 2 months ago… I still plan on making those Size 7 Videos despite it being the Bicentennial of me announcing those πŸ˜› Lobster Bucket Post coming soon too!

So my soggy little butt is going to just put up some super adorable pics and get back to editing and posting and all that! Also my Clips are now for sale on C4S, lots of great videos on there!

Lots of diapered adventures!!! Just some random pics from around town and the Nautical Shop where I found so many adorable onesies and outfits! Lots of M4s and soggy butts!

Happy thoughts friends, new post coming sooooooon!!!

Peetown Pt. 5: EmBearassed

A few quick things to drop off on the internet today! But first, be sure to check out my Twitter to see some fun new pics and observations and little videos like this!

I have some really snuggly Provincetown pics to share today, just random romping around town in my extra thick diapers <3<3

I’ve settled in, become really used to being “the girl with the soggy diapers”. The feeling of having a diaper wrapped around my waist and the comfort of padding between my legs, softly replacing my girlparts, it’s the right way to be for me πŸ™‚ Feeling the wetness of my diapers at random intervals, just carelessly filling my diapers at a moments notice, feeling them get heavier and heavier throughout the day, so i’m often idly pulling up my tights and have the constant hesitance that my diaper is hanging below my skirt, despite being sure it’s not.

“Submission to the machinations of the world” is an ominous sounding phrase that’s been running through my head lately, and I feel that’s what my diaper wearing is. It’s not dependent on a partner or scenario, it’s personal, humbling, a means of checking humility… I can certainly be accused of acting too “big for my britches” or seriously or sternly sometimes, and it reminds me that I have this sweetness and littleness to me. It’s an old nugget, but my diapers help me be a better adult by adding some littleness to my daily life πŸ™‚

Back to the saggy fun: I reiterate that Ptown is a unique place where you can be flagrant in ways that you can maybe only pull off at Castro/Folsom St and maybe Miami Beach or Christopher Street, and even then I wouldn’t just walk around in a diaper… little flashes for pics sure, but I’m not an exhibitionist nor would I feel comfortable/appropriate to just walk around in a diaper. So I did indulge, i’d go get my friend coffee in my saggy diapers and cute pink sweatpants, I’d wear cute skirts and tights and not worry about crinkles or bulges, just a happy diaper girl. Isolation got me a little agoraphobic I guess, I forget how much nobody cares and how everybody minds their business. And if they don’t, they should and i’ll remind them to, especially if they’re getting in my or my friends biz.

Someone said about getting older as a woman, you’re just ignored more, dismissed more, people tend to pay more attention to the effervescence of youth. I can see an upside to that, I’m ostensibly cuter and dress more provocatively than a lot of girls around my town so I get honks and leers, but the older I get the less so. I’d like to think it’s society respecting women more, but it’s more likely my crows feet… and that’s good, I never really wanted to randomly fuck strangers or construction workers anyway. Plus I like the idea of some guy looking at my Yoga pants expecting to see a nice natural butt curve but instead they see that signature saggy padded bottom illustrated below…

I’m not about to let anyone tell me what my ass is supposed to look like πŸ˜› Anywhere else I would probably wear a thicker pair of tights and keep my long shirt pulled down, I often wear a little skirt or shorts over my tights to cover the bulge… but I can also bulge if I want to πŸ˜› I see these comments of people being so anxious about noises or bulges, I could understand if you were a figure skater or working in close proximity to folks, but most people aren’t paying attention and certainly aren’t doing Ocular Patdowns for diapers. Except me of course πŸ˜›

I have been writing on the topic of insignificance and ephemerality lately as a point of freedom and self-awareness, but that’s not really ready to be premiered, saying “nobody cares about you” and making it sound like a positive thing is hard. I’ve been pushing the idea of “Sunny Side-Up Nihilism” for a long time but have yet to write a proper manifesto… might be a good time here in the dark of winter πŸ™‚

So that’s that, I’m writing here in a soggy Molicare Small, going to have a shower and change into an M4 because I have some shopping to do, will probably come home with a full diaper and start the whole process again ❀ It’s the routine that really brings the joy, in Provincetown it was in one diaper and out the other and I’ve found myself staying pretty consistently diapered since coming back, if i’m ever out of the house i’m in diapers!

So have a wonderful day, more video soon, thanks for reading friends!!! And as always, StayDiapered!!!

(And Bucketlist post and Video coming sooooon!)

Peetown pt 4: Sandy Cheeks

I’ve always dreamed of taking diaper pictures on the beach… and here I am!!!

There’s a few Kinky things i’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance. I’ve never really approached sexual situations with an itinerary, I tend to enjoy experiences in the moment and not think of things too technically. I learned in a bathtub in my early 20’s that high expectations of what will happen to you during sex or having a checklist in your head can really ruin the mood. The only thing that matters is the two (or more) folks consent and vibe together and the rest will happen naturally, which usually involves a lot of aggressive humping and hard kissing… I find that gropey excited relatively kink-free play to be the meat and potatoes of casual sexual interactions, the advanced kink stuff takes trust and trust takes time, right? The caveat being SexWork (SW) where an itinerary is fine if negotiated and paying well… Check out “Duke of Burgundy“, interesting movie on selfishness in kink among victorian lesbian entomologists, something i’m sure we can all relate to.

Speaking of SW, my life has been a series of casual encounters and friends with benefits and that’s been mostly by design. the “Why?” of that is told throughout this blog but trust/abandonment issues is the glib response, it’s more that I haven’t had time or lived in one place long enough. Though in the here & now I have partners and friends and private relationships and am quite happy. But it certainly took some time to adjust and realize “here’s these handful of people that I super care about and that care about me, honestly, and they’re not going anywhere”. It took a while to accept that people might actually like me for me, or that I might be a tolerable enough person that someone may want to spend the rest of their life with me. Also my sex life is different now that I don’t drink, I won’t elaborate here but a cute, drunk, lonely transgirl can find herself in some less than savory places.

Even in that Fairy Tale meeting of the perfect partner, I doubt I would ever be truly monogamous. Not because I sleep around or anything, my heteronormative sex drive and desire to sleep with random people is null and was never really that high… though my sex drive for kinky stuff is and will likely always be significant, I like diapers now more than ever. In a relationship I would want the freedom to diaper whatever cute butts I want, both for work and pleasure. I think honesty and openness solves all those problems, loyalty isn’t possession, you can give your heart to one person and your body to many, you can be loyal and free. I’ve always been happy with co-habitation, I think most people are. I wish more people would just live with each other and not worry about sex or outside perceptions or anything. Makes me happy to see so many people living like that in Ptown, remove those sexual and social hangups and just sleep and eat in the same house. CDC data shows a positive trend in co-ed living, I see more of this happening in future as barriers break down.

Side note, I decided long ago to keep my personal relationships off the internet, being a known entity Trans ABDL person can lead to assumptions etc, I am constantly getting doxxed, I would hate for my actions to out someone. I can handle the horrible internet people, but part of being in a relationship is caring for and protecting your partner and posting pics or sharing information could put them in harms way, so I don’t. Dating me come with a whole can of social worms, one of the reasons “Fame” can be lonely. I’m fun, but how many would take me home to Mama?

And I’ve always been a bit of a loner, I need time to myself and I ideally relationships find that happy medium of togetherness and independence. I think the key is to find another loner and hook up with them. And while I may be happier and more free on my own, I doubt i’m better off. Easy to let things get out of control when you’re alone.

Coming back to the diapering of cute butts… I’ve generally been the “Top” in most situations, it’s appeal is a combination of Lust and Trust. It’s really hot to take control and I feel comfortable in that role and I don’t have to risk making myself too vulnerable, especially in casual situations. Being sub really means something to me and I don’t want to risk bad experiences, I am certainly a little and need to be held and snugged and kept in thick diapers and restraints etc… you all know that about me ❀ And the fear of having a negative experience in that context scares me, I know as a top I am taking less risks, and it’s great regardless. Especially diaper stuff, I enjoy diapering butts as much as getting my butt diapered.

And in reality, I’ve always had an assertive personality and often found myself taking control… when you’ve got two cute, diapered, subby transgirls on a bed, one’s going to be slightly more dominant and hold the leash. I’m way past the sexist notion that it’s somehow wrong to be an assertive top woman, I left the fear of being seen as “masculine” back in the 2010’s with the Cargo Pants and Nu-Metal.

So the #1 thing on my Kinky bucketlist? Building trust and having IRL experiences with an experienced and caring dominant. Someone I could trust to tie me down or keep me in diapers, someone that was on the same page as me and that I had true sexual tension with. Someone who perceives me as the submissive sexual creature I so desire to be. To have true sexual immersion, to turn off my history and anxieties and inhibitions and just experience subspace or littlespace or the feeling of being dominated and used… all in a safe, consensual environment with someone I don’t doubt. Holodecks won’t get invented until the 23rd century so until then I’ll keep hopeful.

I don’t know if it’ll ever be so good as it is in the great romance books or in my imagination right before an orgasm, but degrees of love and sex is all we can ask for. I wonder how many sexual experiences have been ruined by checklists, how many have been turned off kink because their partner wanted to go on every ride at Disneyland. I didn’t see the movie Princess Bride until I was in my 30’s because sometimes good things can wait. So Carpe Diem but also Tranquillā, I think if I rushed into more kink sitatuions I’d be worse off. For now I’d rather focus on myself and play video games/masturbate on a Saturday night than go out and have mediocre sex. Have you seen video games lately? Incredible.

This whole post was a preface for my sexy bucketlist. It all seems silly now, but here’s some stuff i’ve alwas wanted to try but have been too shy or practical or didn’t have enough jello to do. I’ll save that for next post though, this is too darn long as it is.

What’s on your kinky bucket list? More thoughts on kink, relationships and the things that go hump in the night! New post with more Peetown pics this week, stick around! Thanks for reading ❀

Peetown pt 3: Lights, Camera, Authorship!

Hey there friends! I’m finally done organizing all my pics from the trip, working on a fun little video that’ll be up in the next couple days, just a little voiceover work and it’ll be ready to go! I wanted to post some pics and ended up doing some writing on content and the process of writing… Read on for a look into what’s going on in my little bunny mind at this very moment, skip to the end for the diapers/provincetown stuff!

On Pics:

I’ve been trying to think of good places to put all my pics, I have legit tens of thousands of photos that I’ve been sifting through on the over 10TB of data from the last 15 years of content creation… I recently organized all my videos and created a Dropbox-esq account to back it all up (and provide private links to a handful of close friends) so I’m satisfied with where my videos are going and how i’m organizing it all… but photos are something completely different. I’m exploring and figuring it out, just the backend stuff I’ve got to figure out to be successful at this whole content thing. I have a ton of organizing to do!

On Video:

At the start of this year I set a goal to make 52 videos in 2021 and have mostly achieved that, just not the way I intended to. I have been doing weekly StayKinky videos but I really wanted to do more live content and weekly StayDiapered videos, like those Size 7 videos i’ve been talking about for time immemorial. I’m not beating myself off over it, I just know what I want to focus on moving forward. Also I’ve got these fancy video games and would love to stream more of that, as well as just general chatting and fun streams, I have soooo many costumes/leotards etc, I could just change outfits and have fun on cam for hours. I have been antisocial too long, video chatting seems like a nice way to break the ice… but I do prefer a more structured performance environment, keeping the 4th wall up so to speak. So a main focus on Youtube and my StayKinky videos, with some supplemental live stuff for extra fun. Sounds like a plan!

On Writing:

I’ve always felt shy in unstructured social settings online, I’m awful at chatting and stuff, I’m much more verbal and tend to write how I talk, and use speech to text alot which makes me sound like a bit of a clown. I feel writing in a structured setting like a blog or a letter is much more my style, that text back and forth makes me anxious. I also tend to read people’s facial expressions a ton and the lack of that makes it tough. I think I can confidently say I’ve always been a good writer and a terrible grammatician, I use too many commas and “I”, lots of run on sentences and the use of words like “alot” and “lots”. I find myself editing text as often as I do writing it and it still tends to be sloppy and often too long, like this post is becoming!

It’s an uphill climb, I didn’t pay much attention in school (too busy reading) and I only have a big vocabulary because I watch movies and read books and tend to absorb language well, that’s why my accent is a walking tour of the coasts. I read style guides and try my best but the literary world is very intimidating, I’ve read “On Writing” twice now though! I’ve always wanted to write a book but would need a dedicated, relatable editor and that’s hard to find. I figured if I ever wrote something real, if it was Non Fiction it’d be in the style of David Sedaris or Jean Shepherd and if it was Fiction it’s be like Kerouac or Chuck Palahniuk, not that’d i’d aim to ape their style but more just a blueprint of what’s possible.

Intimidating also describes setting out to write a book, telling a narrative from front to back, 200 pages or more, how could I tell my life story in that manner? What gets left in and cut out? It’s an impossible task for me, my brain can’t take on that challenge without more experience under my belt. A series of Essays describing different notable moments from my life sounds much more doable. And I think finding a proper editor is also doable, I have the confidence now to start working on something real. I’ve been working on a book for my whole life, just a matter of compiling all the cocktail napkins and diaries into something cohesive.

Funny, the song i’m listening to goes “Chemicals, Don’t Strangle My Pen!” and I have been reflecting on how much quitting nicotine has improved my desire to write. Good things all around, proud of myself, 3 Weeks and doing great!

On Retirement:

Was reading some posts from an old friend, she’s published a few detective novels and has a dayjob, something many writers need. She was talking about how she hadn’t started her retirement plan until her mid-30’s, explaining how her mental health etc lead her to delay and how she shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it etc… and i’m sitting here thinking how most everyone I know in their 30’s is still working at bars or gigging it with no real aspirations otherwise, it’s hard to invest in your future when you’re living check to check… I’m not exactly living check to check anymore, I have a little more freedom from all the work i’ve put into StayKinky and the help of friends, and it’s got me thinking about my future. My retirement plan was always some dismissive morbid statement, but now that i’m healthier and happier, I see potential in my future and have been considering what i’ll do when the format shifts or when I move on from the content i’m making now. I guess i’ll always adapt… I was joking with her that the sex work retirement plan is writing, marriage or death and that i’ll probably take the writing path. And as always, I plan to continue making videos of my diapered butt even when it’s far past appropriate to do so… I decide when I stop being cute and little and that’s never πŸ˜›

On My Back:

This part is about Provincetown and Diapers.

As you can tell from my last few posts, i’m at a crossroads right now and my little bunny brain is working overtime. I think this trip reminded me that I have worth, leaving my comfort zone, reconnecting with the ocean, all those things really recharged my batteries. I lived in a dozen houses and went to a dozen schools as a kid and traveled non-stop as an adult… I needed to get on the road to get my mojo back. I care so much less about inconsequential things now that my palates been refreshed, I’ve been crinkly as a girl can be and have done some serious self-improvement this last month back. Life is good, and going through all these pics, videos and words from my trip has been really helpful in keeping me smiley and focused. And of course all the super positive feedback i’ve received, thanks so much for all the happy thoughts!!!

In terms of the pics… I had ordered some M4’s to the room and was layering those with these bb diapers, they’re the new Pampers Cruisers Size 6, super cute and colorful! I was being such a soggy girl! Mostly just my double diapers on little Peetown adventures, I was wearing those sweatpants for my early morning beach walks, took lots of soggy pics around the ABnb. The light in provincetown made me look so cute, I took like 600 pictures and wish I’d have taken 600 more… will have to go back sometime soon ❀

Thanks for listening, more fun headed to this spot soon ❀ Happy thoughts!!!

Vacations really do make you fall in love again… and in this case, I fell back in love with myself, my crinkles and cuteness!

Thanks for reading friends ❀ Be good to yourself, hope for the best but plan for the worst! This little girl is doing great, more fun sooooon!!!

Peetown Pt. 2: Gone But Still There

Hey friends! Nice long post featuring some cute popcorn dress pics in Provincetown (Peetown!) I talk about some personal growth and past drama stuff though it’s all very smiley and positive!

I just woke up in a very soggy M4, a happy diaper girl, snuggled my little Raccoon and sucked on my paci. That blissful time before the world invades my littlespace. Blissing out in the warm, comforting, womb-like embrace of my bed and blankies, surrounded by stuffers and the warm intimacy of a wet diaper. I’ve always felt like diapers were a way to experience intimacy by yourself, self-care and self-love, and not in the usually sticky or tool-assisted way I usually show self-love, this is more of a soft touch. Like eating a salad or putting on lotion after a shower, it’s something you do for yourself because you love yourself and you deserve it.

I’ve been super diaper obsessed since I got back from Cape Cod, been about a month back and my passion has not waned one bit. I’ve been quiet a little quiet due to things we’ll talk about in the 2nd to last paragraph, in my absence I’ve been really just enjoying diapers just on their own, ala carte. Not because I take such good pics in them or because the fans demand it or because I’m Riley Kilo, but because I truly love them and they make me super happy. It’s analogous to sex work, most of my orgasms are reserved for the stage and screen, but I have the occasional fun with a friend or on my own. When alone it’s either a pre-nap maintenance wank or big production with the enemas and triple thick diapers, but sometimes I need that, we all do, just some time to love yourself and get as naughty and kinky as you wanna get. Sure, i’m slightly embarrassed by the idea of watching cheesy Facesitting VR videos but I love them and you gotta do stuff just for you sometimes, and the shame can be part of the fun, especially when you’re strapped down with a Hitachi…

That’s the way i’ve felt about diapers the last month, just getting back to the basics of self-love. And what’s not to love?

It had been a while since I was immersed in queer culture outside of the occasional protest or bukkake party. I’m feeling fit and coming out of my shell and realizing i’ve got a great life and great opportunities. I think an adolescence of adversity and a lifetime of struggle has made me constantly anticipate the next fall, the next loss, feel constantly unstable to the point where I can manifest that negativity, if that makes sense? I’m not saying the bad stuff that’s happened to me is my fault, but dwelling on it and remaining immersed in those regrets or pain can lead to more. If you’ve spent you’re life getting yelled at you’re more likely to yell yourself, it’s your normal. My normal has changed these last 5 years in PA, and i’m adjusting to a life of safety, creativity and love. Tired of being a porcupine in a room full of jigglypuffs, working on a more peaceful mindset. Peetown helped with that, feeling the warm embrace of a town with rainbow flags everywhere. Reminded me that there’s all sorts of worlds out there and to not get so caught up in mine.

So I never finished my story this morning, I was all snuggled up in my comforter enjoying the fall morning weather, listening to the rain, loving my little Trubble (the Raccoon) and just being a a soggy, sleepy girl. My Abena M4s were quite full so I decided it was time to get up, I usually have a shower after filling my bedtime diaper and then just go diaperless for most of the day (unless I go out). I instead did the unprecedented move of changing my diapers, with wipes and everything! I’ve been wearing on the regular, but I just haven’t changed in and out of diapers like that in a long while. I’m usually layering or just wearing a super-thick diaper, getting into the habit of changing is something reinvigorated in Peetown, I often would just come home from lunch or the beach and just change my diapers, wipe, lotion, and back out for adventures! My AirBnB was right on the strip so it was super easy to just pop-back home. I could probably just have a change on a park bench and noone would bat an eye… that’s Peetown for ya πŸ˜› Think that falls into the category of “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”.

So it’s been a month and i’m still in diapers ❀ Happy Girl!!!

My diapered adventures have been easier because my travels don’t lead my to nightclubs and bars and 3am rendezvous, places not conducive to a soggy girl who needs a change… there’s still plenty of salacious, sticky behaviour but it’s mostly cultural travel and finding places to take pics/make content. Content has always been a prime directive in my adventures, and i’m glad I now have the tools to really make the best of it… I took a ton of pics in Peetown, and I hope you enjoy them! I have a Youtube video of the adventures coming soon too! I have a busy week ahead of me after taking the last 2 weeks off, so thanks for being patient!

I’ve been doing some much needed personal work, I quit smoking again after quitting for like, 6 months last year and blowing it due to friend-in-the-hospital drama, but i’m back to 100% Nicotine free and 100% Confident about it, feeling great. Nicotine messes me up, and the difference in my motivation and emotions is profound. Have some lost time to make up for, I’ve come a long way, and I’m starting to really take advantage of my newly earned freedom.

Thanks for reading, I have more Provincetown adventures to share ~ I need to post more just to get all these pics out! More Beach Pics ASAP! Full Sets with Early posts, B sides & T and A sides, on Patreon and MV~ Check the links page! Lots of great videos and more coming soooooon!!!

And as expected, over the course of writing this post I’m in need of a change again πŸ˜› That’s what diaper girls do, they just make em’ soggy! Hugs and hugs, more stuff soon!

PeeTown pt. 1: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Diapers

Hey there friends!!! I’m back from my lovely vacation and here’s the first round of diapered beach pics!!! I went out to a little beach in Provincetown early in the morning and just romped around in my dress, swimsuit and pink Megamax! I’ve always wanted to take pics on the beach in my diapers, there’s one or two from LA floating around but this was a proper pic taking experience, have so many to share!

It was a lovely working vacation that led to memorable moments and some kinky fun. Provincetown is one of the worlds queer artist meccas, there’s incredible food but other than that it’s all galleries and gay bars, with a few sex shops and stores that sell little sweaters for your dog thrown in the mix. It’s a really welcoming place and very free when it comes to expressing yourself. There’s rainbow flags on every building and everyone from senior tour groups to sweaty tanned dudes in assless chaps walking down the street. I never felt uncomfortable acting or dressing however I felt. It’s how the world should be, express yourself and let others express themselves. Ptown (Peetown lol) is a little wild for your average utopia but the point stands… we’re all too hungup on ourselves, wear those thick diapers, stop worrying about showing off your shoulders, in fact stop worrying so much in general. More on this as my thoughts form up into a nice, wobbly word jello.

It was nice to get out of town post-Covid, more thoughts on that and my travels coming soon, wanted to share some of these pics and will save some smiles for the next post. There’s another half of this set in my cute little Hello Kitty 2 Piece Bikini, it’s adorable!!!

Thanks so much for reading my little blog, I have no big life events or travels ahead so expect to hear more from me! Travel Video coming soon!

Little Green Diaper Fairy

Hey there friends!!! Summers been full of adventures for me and today we’re focusing on a pretty little fairy day!

I went to a Fairy event, lots of dressed up people, just picked up this neat little Leotard from the Halloween stock at a thrift store. It’s really a dance outfit labeled “Funny Frog” (like the Belle and Sebastian song) and came with a little froggy hat, but i’m more of a fairy than a froggy, though Soggy Froggy might be a fun look. I think I made the right decision to go for a more Tinkerbell green fairy look by adding a petticoat over the rather revealing leotard, the petticoat was originally part of a Poison Ivy Batman costume that I got rid of back long before she was relevant again.

Don’t forget friends, start hitting the Thrift Stores early for halloween costumes! It’s not all cheesy “Spirit Halloween Stores” stuff, you can often find great cosplay stuff, funky lingerie, tons of leotards and other cool finds!

I’ve been meaning to talk about my “Diaper Layering” method in a video, but this post is a good example of how I do it! I wrote a big essay about all that but I’ll save that for the next post. In summary though, I like to put on a few individual diapers so I can change into a fresh diaper super easy! Usually starting with a BB diaper or pull-up, then a brief and maybe even another adult pull-up to keep everything in place. It creates a lovely thick diaper feeling and you don’t have to spend all day in a soggy crinkle!

October just started so I plan to have a little more costumed fun this season… i’ve never been a big fan of Halloween as an adult because I wish people would just dress up all the time! Luckily there’s plenty of conventions and faires and fun places where people can put on petticoats or dress like Zelda characters. I could really get into some light cosplay action, I have so many costumes!

Big hugs friends, more stuff sooooon! I’m back from my Cape Cod vacation and have so many incredible pics to share with you! I also took a little travel vlog and am really kicking into full creative gear πŸ™‚ Lots more soon, including an exclusive fashion show video πŸ™‚

Happy thoughts from the Crinkly Green Fairy!

EasyUps 5t6t Review!

New Video! Or rather, a video from last month that I’m just now posting here! I’m going to be changing up the format of this site to a weekly newsletter format, nothing will change except more posts! More on that soon, but for now some old video and new pics!

This video is age restricted on YT so you have to log in to watch it, sorry!

These are a fun novelty diaper, it’s nice to see larger sizes, it has the 3 channel system that is so popular in modern diapers. I’m really fond of the rainbows and really colorful look.

I won’t be wearing these very often, mostly just for romping around the house and cute diaper playtime. I’ll keep a couple in the car or in my diaper bag as emergency replacement panties πŸ™‚

I just filmed a new video talking all about the Abena Junior XS2’s and Bambo Dreamy Diapers, two much nicer options for pullups, though not quite as cute and colorful. That video will be coming up super soon! Hope you like it, i’m really excited to share this one, i’ve got a super cute pink skirt on πŸ™‚

More soon, thanks and be well friends!

Run Play Hide

Hey there friends! Here’s a catch-all post for what’s been going on with me lately! Lets go over a few topics…


So over the last month things have been opening up and I’ve been adventuring around Pennsylvania more with a few visitors including family. After coming back from California in March of 2020, just a couple days before everything shut down, I haven’t really done any traveling. Over the last couple weeks I have been in many big crowds and restaurants and other situations that I didn’t think I was going to be in for a very long time, if ever. I’ve got all my shots, so I didn’t really worry but it was still a bit of an unnerving situation being thrown into the deep end of a petri dish. But knowing my lifestyle I couldn’t just stay inside forever so I had to be brave and tough it out. Still very cautious just finally starting to come out of my cave… with that said, I do plan on going back to masking in customer service situations.

I have some travel to Cape Cod coming up as well as a few local hotel rooms (primarily to shoot content) in my near future. Afterwards i’ll be doing my annual California/West Coast adventures, will only have managed to miss one year, though I may take another cross country train trip instead of flying. So far i’ve been from Albany to San Francisco on a Greyhound Bus (the horrors) and from Los Angeles to Buffalo on a train, might be fun to do Philly to San Fransisco on a train.

I have some people in my life that have needed some time after being isolated so long, and in the process things have been a little slow on the creative process. I have lots of great content from my adventures and will be posting in upcoming galleries, and don’t forget to check my Twitter/Insta/Tumblr!


StayKinky has been a driving force in my life since I really kicked off the studio at the end of 2019. I’ve been making content for a very long time but never took it serious enough to call myself a Studio. Now with my fancy camera and equipment and new filming space, I have every opportunity to make great videos… but I haven’t really. I’ve still been making weekly videos and yeah, there’s some great ones in there and pretty proud of most of them, but I’m filming these videos like YouTube reviews when I’d much rather be making much more intimate realistic content, less of a show and more of an experience.

Late last year I was starting to do some really wild stuff with green screen but I feel like my creativity/energy has waned a bit, or at least life is worn me down a little bit and I need a re-sharpening. Luckily I have friends and fans to snap a out of that funk, and I’m starting to reignite my passion and reassess the kind of videos I’m making. I’ve been pretty steady in the C list of trans performers for the last decade, and while I know I never going to become some big #1 star primarily because I don’t generally perform with others/do hardcore stuff. I could be doing better than I am now I could be doing what I was six months ago. I’d like to be back to #20 on the top performers list not #50.

With that said its all about finding a comfortable work/life balance and I am happy with what I’m doing now. I certainly could be doing more and promoting more to make the future a little less uncertain and to ensure folks don’t get bored with my content. I really treasure Style in art and my art hasn’t had very much style lately, and that generally comes down to my level of effort I put into things. I need to put more effort into better videos and I will be, I have some good ideas coming up for StayKinky. Granted I’m mostly a single person doing all this on my own so I try not to be too hard on myself, especially because other people will be much harder on me, leading into my next part… I do want to give a quick thanks to everyone who subs to my sites and Patreon etc, you’re keeping me happy, healthy and safe!

So a few months ago that PewDiePie thing came out and we all had a bit of fun, I got some really positive feedback and got a little reminder that the world knows who I am. That’s my official statement, but there’s much more behind it.

What most people probably didn’t see were the dozen of imitators that came after that. The little channels that don’t really have a filter or sense of decency who are more prone to calls of violence/doxxing/harrassment etc. Since the PewdiePie video I have been under near constant barrage, everything from podcasts threatening my life, people pretending to be me and posting horrible things, countless hostile personal messages, and multiple campaigns of flagging my content so it’s removed from the internet and I can’t get paid. PHub has been the worst of this, taking down my videos constantly even though they are nothing like what they are being flagged for, and then getting brick walls from support. Receiving brick walls from Facebook and Spotify has also been frustrating and it has taken weeks and lawyers and blood pressure spikes to get some of these things removed. It’s been relentless and I can handle it, but it’s a lot. The stuff I get on the regs would traumatize the average person, so I try not to amplify or focus on it, but it’s there for sure.

So when there’s a lot of heat on me, sometimes it’s best for me to turtle for a little while. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anyting but the amount of garbage most people get, I feel like I get 10 times more due to the intersectionality of being trans, ABDL and a sex worker. Sometimes I don’t need to stick around to be reminded how much people fear/dislike me, because I know those people will go away when the temperature lowers and I’ll be back to mostly good, friendly community people seeing my content, though community people are a handful too. I’m not going anywhere but after doing this for so ridiculously long I know when it is good to step away for a bit. Thankfully I don’t anticipate any more media moments coming up. I’m more than happy to just stay in my lane for now, making crinkle videos and kink content for likeminded folks. Again, part of the reason I do this is because I know I can handle it, so don’t worry about me ❀

Moving Forward

Thanks for reading, have everything a little girl could need to make some really great media, just going slow and measuring my movements, I’ve come a long way in the last few years and want to ensure I keep the positivity flowing πŸ™‚ Thanks friends, more soon!!! New video up on my Youtube btw, full post coming soon!