Hi friends, I’ve been posting a load of pictures on Twitter (@Rileybbq) and will be posting more here soon! I need to better my workflow so I’m posting here everyday with all my new pics, I’m working on it! Big hugs, more words and a new video soon, all that good stuff!

Just some pull-up pics with me and the Panda πŸ™‚

Lots more pics tomorrow! Thanks for reading ❀

New Video Tuesday!

Hiiii! I have a new video! It’s basically 10 minutes of me romping around in cute pull-ups πŸ™‚

There’s so many bad pull-ups out there I was motivated to talk about the better options out there for Pullups. I have come around to wearing high absorbency pullups more often these days as I wear more actively and just want something protective and comfortable, no hassle, just padded panties instead of regular ones πŸ˜›

I hope you like the video and as I mention I’ll be going more in depth on the better products as time goes on, those Abena and Northshore ones sure are comfy, I’m wearing one as I type this and I feel soft and snuggly.

More video and pics in the meantime, let me know how the video looks and stuff, I’m trying to mix it up with the presentation so the reviews don’t get boring. I realize this is about as far as I can go on Youtube. I can show off diapers, wear diapers, but no wetting, nothing explicit, and context matters, formatting things as a product review should keep me safe, my videos are no more graphic than a Depend Commercial… they just don’t look as happy to be in diapers. There’s way more graphic content on YT.

I will be posting other more explicit content to Pronhub and similar sites, I just want to maintain a presence on YT and have to walk on eggshells, not monetize my videos, do everything I can to keep in the TOS, age restrict etc, which lowers my viewers but watches my ass. And still, it could be gone in a second, I have lost accounts before and expect to again, but it won’t dissuade me. If my YT does get shut down, this site will always be a home for my content, the videos and cuteness and cuddles won’t stop.

Big hugs and thanks for watching!

Tena Slip Maxi Review!

Hi there friends! I have a new review video for you today!

In summary, the Tena Slip Maxi is a high quality diaper (or Nappy or Couche?) that has one major drawback, it’s EU exclusive. There are plenty of places to import them, but they can be pricey and sometimes hard to find. Great absorbency, great fit, strong but sometimes scratchy tapes.

I wanted to start out with a great product, my next Review video will be about one of the worst, the Depend Protection with Tabs! More stuff soon, thanks for watching ❀

Review Preview!

Hi Hi! I was hoping to shoot my new video today but ended up just finalizing my review system, setting up a template I can apply to any review. I wanted to have things prepared so the reviews all have the same format and my video workflow moves much smoother. That’s what i’ve been mostly doing, setting things up so when I get going I can stay going.

I plan to end each video with a card like this that you can use as a quick reference for each different product. I think I like the second one better, but the first one has a little more color to it. Would love to hear feedback! I want to make it obvious from seeing this picture that Depend Protection With Tabs is a fairly bad diaper. Anything else you’d want to know?

More video soon, a short explanation of the review system and a review of these Depend 3-tape diapers. Writing this right before bed with my bear in my lap and a Depend on, gotta do the research! Wish me a dry bed tonight, these Depends are not very trustworthy πŸ˜› Thanks for reading ❀

Padded Love

Busy Bear Week!

Quick catch-up, the Election stuff went great and I went about my duties with care and precision. My laser hair removal turned out great and I feel much better about random selfies, more on that soon. The family medical issue I was worried about turned out great, surgery was successful. I even saw a bunny hopping around today after not seeing one for a while, things are going great for little Riley.

I also got my first Patreon person! I’ll be adding more stuff there soon, going to take this week doing some much needed catch-up on Emails and putting out a new video and all sorts of content! And if you’re reading this, thank you again!!!

But first, I took some super-cute padded pics recently and wanted to share them ❀ I love pads and it seems you can never find enough pad content online. I have a ABDL porn wishlist I should share with y’all… I have some particular kinks (shout out to medical braces) that I’m sure I’m not alone in.

And like my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t find the porn you want, make it yourself!” So here’s some pad pictures πŸ˜› Maybe I’ll have to take some wet pad pics too, though I’m sure I won’t have an accident, I hardly ever pee my pants!

Have a lovely weekend, look forward to more pics and fun and padded love ❀

Song of The Moment ~ Bedhead – Foaming Love