Why I didn’t stay in diapers

I’ve always considered myself a social person. I’ve never been great at one-on-one social interaction, but in front of crowds I can do very well, I did speech and debate in high school, and I’ve always been a good manager. I was also a part of a ‘scene’ in my town, where the social leaders are good looking, fit, and infallible. No one knows I wear diapers there; I’ve had to hide them in locking suitcases and car-trunks.
If I knew why I wanted to do this, I would probably stop. It’s not sexual… I like sex… a lot, I like really kinky sex… a lot, and I like incorporating diapers into bondage scenes, but diapers have always been about way more than sex, it’s about happiness and protection and a lot of stuff I’m going to spend the rest of my life on a therapists couch for.
I really don’t care though! I love wearing diapers… I always have, and I always will. I’ve already gone over the hurdle in my head, and now I just need to get over the logistics of it.

Panties at my Ankles – The First Day

I’ve wanted to do this since I first put a diaper on. Since I was looking in my mom’s bathroom and looking at the pads I was too young to wear, putting them in my underwear for the feeling, as opposed to prevent anything.

I’m going to be a diaper wearer 24/7. I have enough diapers, I have enough privacy, and I have enough willpower. I’m wearing panties for the last time… I cleaned out my underwear drawer and replaced them with diapers. I wish you could sell old panties on eBay, I’d make a fortune.

I have one pair as a back-up. They’re the ones I wore to the prom, a comfortable pair of pink VictoriasSecret my ex-boyfriend bought me when we went gallery shopping in NewYork. They’ve always been my “lucky panties”, but I even have to hide them away. Out of site… out of mind.

I’m not doing this just to make myself incontinent. I don’t mess (for those not aware of the lingo, messing means #2 – look for a glossary post later), maybe later on this is something that would be attractive to me, but I’m a very hygienic person, so probably not. I’m going to wear diapers 24/7, to bed, to work, at parties and on dates. If this eventually makes me incontinent or more open to wetting, or a bed wetter, it’s for the best, because I’ll be diapered anyway.

What to Expect out of this Blog
I’m going to be writing about my daily life as a diapered individual, adversity I encounter, peoples reactions, as well as my thoughts (and hopefully comments with yours) about making this decision and going through with it. Thanks for reading this first post, and I guess I better pack this last pair away and go grab a DryNite!