Diaper Lifestyle #1 – Panties At My Ankles

It’s happened again. It’s been over a month since I last had an accident, I thought I was going to be ok, but I still keep waking up wet.

“I am going to be OK” I say to myself, my voice cracking in the freezing morning air. I move my tiny body a little and can feel the cold damp around my waist, i’ve been sleeping in it for a while & have a long morning or laundry ahead. There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just a bedwetter, my body just thinks it’s safe to pee sometimes when it’s not… but I also seem to forget that i’m not wearing diapers sometimes.

I know that sounds funny, why would this grown-up girl feel like she’s still wearing diapers… but the truth is, I just really like diapers. I have always been fascinated by them, back to my earliest memories. I’ve always loved the plasticy feeling, the colorful packages, the idea of being all snuggly & careless, it’s always made me feel warm and fuzzy but also a little sad, like Christmas. I often dream of diapers, I sometimes feel naked without one. I have tried to be a big girl and just wear panties, but I keep finding myself back in diapers, be it due to accidents or just wanting the warm, comforting hug that taping on a diaper gives, they call them “Huggies” for a reason.

A Diapered Lifestyle was always a little scary as a concept. I’ve always been really social and the idea of certain people finding out about my diapers is a big worry. I’ve never felt like I “Fit In” and diapers make me feel like more of an outsider, made me afraid of hugs and always felt like I had a “dirty little secret”. But I don’t think it has to be that way and my journey is really about accepting that I can live a full, joyful life while Staying Diapered. And if I keep having accidents, Diapers are going to be a less embarrassing alternative…

So i’m going to start thinking about diapers again. I’m going to pick up some new ones and begin my journey to be comfy and happy in my diapers, for life! I’ll be talking all about my diapered journey in these following “Diaper Lifestyle” posts & videos, as well as real-life tests and reviews of diapers & diaper accessories, I’m going to find out what works best for this girl and hopefully help new & old friends find what’s best for them!

In these pics you can see i’m still experiencing significant bruising Post-Op, don’t worry about it 🙂 I’m also working on being more hydrated, I usually drink a ton of water but have been lax on that… diapers should allow me to drink all the water I want, no accidents or worries, just crinkles and smiles!

More soooon, we’re going to be starting at the very basics with a breakdown of how diapers are made! Thanks friends and here’s to a wonderful diapered life!

Little Eve

Hi Friends!!! I have some adorbs pics to share and a new video!

It’s a panty video but I can assure you I was wearing diapers before & after filming it, the Bears saw me & little Bears can’t lie, they are honorable Bears like those Bears in His Dark Materials! I have good Bears 🙂

Also Sorry I borked my website. I tried to make it better but it stopped working, so it’s going to look like this until I can figure it out. And my friends hospital stuff is going great!

Here’s some pics! Video from this Open House Coming Soon!

Sending the waaaarmest bear hugs from this smiley little diapergirl 🙂

Sending Warm Hugs!!!

This Open House had a Wizard of Oz Theme, really gorgeous displays!

More soon! Hugs friends!!!

Virginia Is For Diaper Lovers #6 – A Combination of Invention and Recall

Will Eisner, when discussing an autobiographical chapter in his “A Contract With God” book, described the story as a “Combination of Invention and Recall”. That’s our memories, isn’t it? I’m digging through footage of my Shenendoah Trip and so much of it seems new, swept away in the whirlwind of travel and an already-full memory. If it weren’t for this blog I would have forgotten most of my 20s, time will tell if that’s a good thing or not.


I just came back from another little travel adventure and I have lots and lots of travel in my future, going back to Shenandoah in a few weeks, I’m starting to take advantage of my geographical position and all the great stuff around the Maryland/Virginia area.

To clarify, I went to Shenandoah from the Sept. 11th to the 18th (I always travel on the 11th) then I spent a week with family visiting my area, then I stayed another few days at another resort in Maryland to film/work. I just got home yesterday and don’t have any more travel for at least 2 weeks, so I can finish the Kat video and work on the ~200GBs of video I have to edit. So much new stuff on my StayKinky sites, check them out!!!

Check out this “Trans Breast Growth Diary” video on my transcaping site, I also have a version on Youtube but it’s not in color and not as good, watch the MV one. It’s a video about my breast growth journey!

Here’s some cute travel pics, I need to get back to editing 😛 Hugs friends <3<3

Thanks for reading, I always appreciate people sharing this site on their twitters and social media stuff! Thanks for all the support friends! I am so happy with the way I look, check out those tiny boobs!