Hello friends 🙂 Just posting some pice, there’s a second part to these pictures that i’ll post soon. Wearing some babydiapers, playing princess pretend! I haven’t been playing pretend much lately, have been mired in reality and haven’t so much as worn diapers more than once this month. But I’m feeling good, have tons of travel coming up and always wear nappies when I fly.

I’d like to talk about life and goals and all that, but i’m just going to send out some pics and save those thoughts for another day, when I’m feeling more up for spilling my heart out. Thanks for the follows and all the support, more pics and snuggles soon! And don’t forget to check out my Twitter on @RileyBBQ ~

I’m a princess!!!

Just a little me putting pullups on. I need my goodnites sometimes, I try to be a big girl and wear big girl undies, but deep down I know I need the absorbent kind of undies 😛

Things have been OK for me, Headed to California for a a week or so in June, excited to see LA and SF and my hometown Sacramento again. It’s been far too long. Life is not super-exciting at the moment but i’m sure it’ll pick up, it’s been about a year and a half since I moved to NY and am starting to get the itch for adventure, such is life.

More pics and blogs soon, pardon the delay in posting! Hugs and hugs!

Diaper adventures for a little Riley :3

Hello! I went on an adventure last month, I took a plane to DC, then a bus to NYC, then a train back to WNY. I saw friends, walked around Georgetown and Alexandria, saw a couple good friends play music in Brooklyn and had crepes in old Chinatown. I had a chance to stretch my wings abit, I’ve been a little stagnant here in WNY, with the snow etc, it was nice to remind myself that I have friends. 

I wore this through the metal detector at the airport, they stopped me and asked me what the bulge in my crotch area is, is so many words. I said as little as possible, they felt me up with the back of their hands and deemed me safe to move on. I wasn’t embarrassed or worried, i’ve flown diapered dozens of times and it’s always just a little harmless fun to see how the machines and employees react to my hidden little secret.

I’ve been wearing nappies now and then, need to get back to reviews, but again, travel and working and all that lead to lack of exciting new content, but I’ll be posting some stuff soon enough, but for now just some little adventure pics 🙂

Snuggies! I liked them, they weren’t too thick and were a very nice fit 🙂 I’ll have to do more research of course, but I think Snuggies first attempt at an AB/DL diaper is a good start. I’m doing good, been a little slow lately, but I have some new pics to post and some other little things to tell you about 🙂

Thanks for following, hugs, more stuff soooon!

Babygirl stuff

Being a sleepy pants, a crinkle bottom, going out for more adventures today, hope everyone is having a lovely day 🙂

I saw some super cute cosplayers on the Metro, that always warms my little heart. I’m not going to be cosplaying today, but I am going to be in my diapers and maybe a little dress, I’ll keep you posted!

Hugs and happy thoughts, more stuff soon :3