straightjacket, diapers, plastic pants, tights, enema


I just wonder why she’s wearing the plastic pants over her tights. The other way arround would make more sense. (But maybe doesn’t look so good)

It feels nice to have tights as close to you as possible, but to be honest I think my partner at the time and I just did things in a silly order ~ we were having some enema straightjacket times and the tights were probably not going to make it through anyway :p I like the feeling of underclothes like that, onesies, bodysuits and stuff, can help a girl feel more subby and obedient :p

Thanks for reblogging my pics!


I’ve gotten tooooons of Tumblr messages the last few days be patient snugglers! Hope everyone is well, here’s me and moogle from a million years ago, before i knew how to hair. I still don’t know how to do anything more than brush it, but at least I get it cut everyonce in a while now. Now that I think about it, this was likely the first time I ever grew it out, it went from “standard boys haircut” at great clips to “shaggy stoner” in about 2 years time. I really didn’t want to cut it, I apparently didn’t know you could cut your hair and keep it the same length. 

I’m super happy with my hair and it’s length now, and I look older in this pic than I do now, though it was likely taken a decade ago. Weird, wild stuff. Maybe the Moogle granted my wish to grow up to be a little girl (do Moogles grant wishes?)


Hellllllo!!! So as I mentioned, I’m back in NY! Bear and I are happy to back in our Crib, I took a really crazy cross country train trip and got stuck in that massive snowstorm that shut down WNY for a few days, we got a total of like 8 feet of snow! I had a chance to get stuck in Chicago, had a big adventure and filmed it all. I have been a bit sniffly, but feeling awesome, healthy, happy and most importantly, SAFE! 

My main focus is transition and sanity, I’ve been camming tons and you’ll see more and more stuff out of this little corner of the internet. Reviews, transition stuff, video, pics, all that lovely stuff that I let fall by the wayside while I was doing the whole LA thing. I’ll be posting a new *first look* of the NorthShoreCare Diapers tonight, and again, expect good stuff after another long hiatus. Happy thoughts, be well and STAY DIAPERED!!!!


i’m sorta running out of nappies so I keep wearing these large cushies 😛 I actually like them, they’re really big and comfy and cuddly and make me feel super little. I’ll probably order some Breezers through the mail, I also heard NorthShore care now has a house brand that’s pretty darn good, so I may try those. Hope all is well, more writing soon. It’s been far too long since I’ve published actual thoughts and feelings, and not just cute pics. 

Hugs, more more more soon soon soon