New Goodnites XL Video!

Hey there friends! I have a new review of the Goodnites XL!

I don’t really have much to say about these other than the fact that they are bigger! I think with human bodies it’s really hard to say if it’s going to fit X many inches or Y weight, but if you had considered Goodnites in the past, give these a shot. They are not massively different size wise but it’s good that they didn’t do a complete overhaul I think, especially not steering towards the more adult diaper style and keeping it’s unique Goodnites flavor. I think after the failure which was the Ninjamas I’m glad Goodnites seem to stick the landing on this, it’s exactly what many wanted, a larger size Goodnite. I doubt they’ll ever make a proper adult diaper under the GN branding but this is a step in the right direction. I’m waiting for that diaper that’s marketed towards hip college students to bridge the diaper gap between Youth/Adult products. Put Rick & Morty or Among Us characters on it… wait, I’ve told this joke before, I just change the popular character names ever few years. Related, this will also mark my 100th time reviewing a Goodnite product!

Eventually there will be adult size ABDL pull-ups, but for now let’s just ride this wave of larger sized baby diapers, pull-ups and bedwetting diapers and hope our faceless corporate masters keep providing more diverse options for our diverse world! I’m loving the Northshore Xtra Small Megamax’s, they feel like giant bulky baby diapers and some of their smaller pullups are comfy too.

Hope you enjoy the video, I’m sure i’ll revisit them when they actually come out. And of course, they are just goodnites, they’re not very absorbent, 1 or 2 wettings and emergencies only. I love Goodnites, but they’re not great for protection.

Pardon the sloppy edits, I wanted to get it out tonight. AND YES, I say Goodnite/Goodnites interchangebly, as I do with Depend/Depends. The official brand names are Depend (not Depends) and Goodnites (not Goodnite). Enjoy the links and more fun stuff soon, my 2020 Compilation’s up next!

For Reference: I’m 5’7″, 125 lbs ~~~ 32″ Hips w/ 30″ Waist

Goodnites XL Samples –

Cuties XL SleepOvers – ~~~~ Samples Available (after registering etc) on the Cuties Website but only for Size 7 Diapers, not Pullups. As always, be mindful when sampling.

Goodnites 2019 Rendition Review –

The History of Goodnites –

The History of Pullups –

Bedwetting Diapers Round Up –

9 Styles of Adult Pullups –

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