Warm Diaper DressUp (New Year 2022)

Hi Hi!!! Happy New Year Friends!

I was considering making a big post about my video plans for this year, talk about streaming and make some promises etc… but I’m much more focused on doing right now than saying. So here’s a snuggly new video!

Ad for StayKinky: There’s an extended version on my MannyVids and Just4Flans, links on StayKinky! I’m constantly surprised how few folks know about my StayKinky/Sadie Hawkins content, I keep them fairly separate and used to be more strict about it as I didn’t want people to get a bunch of Tgirl pron when looking up my Diaper info, the adult stuff tends to dominate search results. But yeah, as Sadie Hawkins/TgirlSadie I’ve made tons of content, even won some awards/got nominated for an AVN. I post weekly, go check it out! I’ve been doing the studio seriously for a few years now and have tons of wild, creative content! Working on a 2022 promo reel today so keep an eye out for that 🙂 End of Ad Break

This is my first longform vertical video but don’t worry, I’ll still mostly make videos horizontally just playing around with some editing and new media stuff. I like long-form videos, most of my StayKinky content is 10+ mins while I try to keep my reviews under 10. I’m not as restricted to catering to the algorithm (which has very particular preferences) because I’m not going for the wide appeal or monetization. Its nice to have that freedom, I like videos with some breathing room to them and fully formed thoughts. With these short form video I’m having to learn how to say a lot or present a story in a short amount of time. There’s certainly room for both though, and I do plan on making plenty of wide bois in my time as well. I also don’t plan on going on TikTok because that seems to be mostly kids and propaganda bots and they have some super exploitive data harvesting issues that everyone seems to ignore.

For now I’m just experimenting with some different formats and playing around with editing tricks, dipping my toes into After Effects now that i’m hitting walls with Premiere, unable to do some of the wild stuff I want to do. Luckily I have had a very clear mind lately, sidenote: check out the supplement “Choline” if you’re an ex-nicotine person, really helped with my cessation fatigue. I’m feeling great, 80 Days and it’s completely out of my life and thoughts. So i’m looking good & feeling good and stuck at home so lots of exciting video coming soon! I still have my Peetown story to finish up and lots more coming sooooon!

And most importantly, I am sitting in a fresh dry diaper because I just changed out of my completely soaked night diaper. I was writing this post and realized my diapers were really saggy and not going to take another wetting so I just grabbed another Tena, layed down with my wipes and Raccoon and changed… such a good girl staying in my diapers!

I’m going to end this post with a bit of brutal honesty, CW ahead. I’ve been here before, where I’ve been optimistic and feelin’ good, healthy and happy and then all of sudden, the shoe drops, the pendulum swings and i’m broke and desperate and isolating and depressed, completely self destructing. If you’ve been slapped in the back of the head your whole life, even if you grow to be 100 feet tall and the slapper is long gone, you still feel like it could happen at any moment. And what scares me the most, is when I notice the “Self” in self destruction, when I’m acting in ways that could lead to bad life events, over working, engaging in conflicts, not taking proper care of myself and mental health etc. The world being tough I can handle, but I really don’t want to be the cause of my own problems anymore. As with anything, the first step is realization/admitting to yourself that you have a problem, and i’m glad I have the self-awareness to see when i’m acting manic or being a huge gendered slur.

So while life is all hunky dory, I’m keeping things on an even keel, I’ve seen how bad things can get and shant be doing all that again. It’d be nice to have a calm ocean with some chop here and there, some risks and excitement but no useless pain or needless drama. Deal?

Tricked ya, I’m gonna end this post with a big squishy smile! Hope everyone’s new year is going well, be healthy and safe and in whatever ways you can help your neighbors and friends and those who need it most ❤ Hugs and warm thoughts!!!

One thought on “Warm Diaper DressUp (New Year 2022)

  1. Happy New Years with more warm hugs n cuddles. This is my sixth year smoke free so I know what you are going through. Keep up the great job of sharing your life with us true fans. So glad that you made it another year with your bubbly vibes. Sending love n big kisses to you.

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