March DiaperCheck Compilation!

Hey there friends! New cute little video with a few little videos that i’d posted to Patreon/Twitter!

Hope you like them! More snuggly #DiaperChecks and crinkly Springtime fun coming soon!

1 thought on “March DiaperCheck Compilation!

  1. Hello Riley Kilo. I have a question about your diaper reviews. I consider you an authority when it comes to rating the different brands. To introduce myself, my name is Rissa Lynn. I am 76 Y.O., a non-op transgender. Married 51 years to a totally supportive wife. Last year, I had a major kidney issue, a 5mm stone which left me with chronic urgent urinary incontinence. I have tried several brands of diapers. Am currently using depends, but they are becoming ineffective. Can you recommend a good diaper.that would handle my voids (tinkles) and a plastic diaper cover I do like the bulky type diapers?
    I am not an ABDL although I often fanticize being one. You can reply here or to my email addy. Stay diapered!
    Thank you,. .
    Rissa Lynn

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