Boundless Size 8 Diaper Review!

This video covers my thoughts on the Boundless Size 8 Diapers!

They’re cloth-backed like most baby diapers these days, 24L x 8w, over 500ml absorbency. Fits up to about Size 32 Hips, no guarantees. Safe For Work Video Coming Tomorrow! I’m off to bed, I edited for 12 hours with only a nap and several diaper changes in between 😛 Thanks for watching, in my next video we’ll be talking about Diapers!

One thought on “Boundless Size 8 Diaper Review!

  1. Thanks Riley.. I decided to reply like this tonight, I’m not sure if you review my twitter messages lately, maybe I come on to strong, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ but it’s cool calling you my friend, thank you for your trust and love in me Riley. I get so excited to receive blogs from you and everything else from you! Thanks for those, big hugs snuggles and happy thoughts. – Thomas ✌️🌸

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